Resident Satisfaction Scores Earn Venterra Top Management Recognition


Our residents have done it again! For the fourth consecutive year, Venterra renters have shared increased resident satisfaction when it comes to the management of their communities and have earned Venterra recognition as a 2021 Kingsley Excellence Award winner.

The Kingsley Excellence Award distinguishes communities that outperform the Kingsley Index™ industry benchmark for overall resident satisfaction. Communities that receive this award go above and beyond to ensure their residents are satisfied with their living experience from start to finish.

It’s true what is said about us – we care more! From our executive team to our on-site teams, resident satisfaction is our top priority. We know caring is more than a warm smile or cookies in the office; it’s fixing things when they break and replacing them when we can’t; it’s being honest and doing what we say we’re going to do; it’s being consistent and having fun every day; it’s getting to know our residents and making their living experiences the best they can be.

Venterra has received numerous awards for our commitment to exceptional service, but when recognition comes from the satisfaction of our residents, it further inspires our teams to continue to raise the standards of apartment living.


“Consecutive recognitions of this kind can be directly attributed to the work ethic and dedication of our property teams,” said John Foresi, CEO of Venterra Realty. “It is our goal to continually improve the lives of our residents by delivering industry-leading customer experiences, and we are proud to see the positive satisfaction surveys continue to rise year over year.”


The Kingsley Index™ is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry. Compiled from 30 years of analyzing the performance of industry leaders, the proprietary index is the standard for measuring tenant, resident, employee, and client satisfaction, as well as broker relations and operational effectiveness.


“Databases like The Kingsley Index allow for an additional avenue to compare and track our management performance on an annual basis,” said Venterra Chairman, Andrew Stewart. “Any improvements in our scoring indicate positive growth, though we are particularly impressed to have properties score higher this year given the challenging year that the pandemic brought forward.”


Not to mention, we’re only getting better! With the help of renter suggestions, Venterra will be launching several technology-driven innovations in 2021, including:

· Release of a proprietary smartphone app for residents to streamline access to resident services.

· Implementation of a combination of smart devices and connectivity enhancements that accommodates the ever-increasing desire for on-demand control.

· The debut of SmartMove; Venterra’s initiative to provide a seamless move-in experience that is meticulously designed to eliminate all controllable stressors from the moving process.

Do you have an idea or suggestion for how to make apartment living better? What would you do differently if you owned and operated an apartment community? Tell us! And if we implement your idea, we’ll give you $100! Click this link to submit your idea!

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