Moving Out of an Apartment: Ways to Manage the Dreaded Task

Moving: typically a term that that is said before or after a long sigh. We get it, taking hours to search for the perfect complex and moving into a new apartment can be stressful. Packing only to unpack, organizing only to remember you need the one thing at the bottom of the box – and the worst of all, having to clean your living space before turning in your apartment keys. 

While moving into a new apartment is a chaotic process, you certainly are not alone. According to, 32 million people in the US move to a new residence throughout the year. To put that into perspective, that is over 10% of the population that are packing up and relocating each year. Even more so, those in the millennial generation are reported to be on the move to a new living space once every two years on average

 young man moving in to new apartment with boxes

Why are people moving so much, you ask? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are various reasons why Americans tend to relocate, a few being:  

  • Wanting a new or better home/ apartment (17.4%) 
  • Establishing own household (12.2%) 
  • New job or transfer (10.8%) 
  • Cheaper housing options (8.2%) 
  • To be closer to work/easier commute (6%) 

Knowing these statistics, it is clear that the moving process is not going away anytime soon. What can be alleviated, however are the headaches that come along with moving into and out of a new apartment community.  The sections below will outline ways that you can make your relocation the easiest one yet!  

Find the right time to move 

Different times of the year call for changing rates, availabilities and moving benefits within apartment management companies – and ultimately the decision you make on timing will depend on what you value as important. For instance, are you more interested in saving money on monthly rental rates and moving company costs, or would you rather have the option to choose from a wide range of available floorplans? While it may sound silly, going through the exercise of asking yourself questions like these can point you in the direction of the values you want to prioritize.  

After determining your top priorities, visit, which has created an entire outline of the drawbacks and benefits that fall, winter, spring and summer moves offer so that you can make an informed decision to move in and out at a time that best fits your specific needs.    

Outline your moving timeline 

After you’ve weighed the options, and made the decision on what time of the year you want to move into a new apartment complex, you may start to feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to “get done” before your move out date: think changing your address and decluttering the items in your closet. To stay on track during this chaotic time, it may be useful to create your own moving timeline with an itemized checklist to help you save valuable time when it comes to managing your productivity, while keeping you organized so you don’t miss any important tasks when the big day comes.  

Research moving companies 

If you choose to go the route of using a moving company, the options can seem endless – and with good reason, as the American Moving and Storage Association counts around 7,000 companies just in the U.S alone. Instead of spending hours on Yelp, Google and other platforms to compare pricing, check out and download the MoveAdvisor: Moving App. By using the app, you will have access to thousands of reputable moving reviews and performance ratings based on real customer experience at your fingertips.  

Move out efficiently  

If you’ve followed your timeline and checklist, one of the last remaining items will be to clean the apartment after everything is packed up and moved out. At Venterra, we know this is one of the most dreaded tasks – getting on your hands and knees to clean small crevices after a long day of packing or, even worse, taking the time-consuming task of calling to get quotes for an affordable maid service to clean your residence. 

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Luckily, if you have chosen to reside within a Venterra property,
 our CLEANMOVE initiative allows you to sit back and relax once everything is all packed up and ready to go! CLEANMOVEa new addition to our move-out process, guarantees that our team handles the following*: 

  • wiping down of surfaces and appliances 
  • cleaning fans, vents or baseboards 
  • vacuuming carpets or mopping  

Not only will CLEANMOVE save you the energy of cleaning, according to the average price of a maid service plus added gratuity, you can save upwards of 22% through CLEANMOVE.

couple dancing and cleaning

“I love CLEAN
MOVE!  I’m a single mom, and my recent move was very stressful for me. Going back to clean was the last thing I wanted to do. I love knowing that my Apartment at Ventana will be just as clean as when I moved in 4 years ago with little effort required.” Johnna, Ventana San Antonio Resident 2016 – 2020 

At the end of a long moving day, the CLEANMOVE process helps you save time so that you can focus on the next phase of your life… and clean less! 

*CLEANMOVE does not cover: apartment damages, furniture or trash left behind, odor or pet treatment, paint pro-rate charges or sheetrock repair, or any heavy cleaning. 

Consider a Venterra property for your next home 

It is clear that the moving in and moving out processes are not something that can necessarily be avoided; however, they can always be improved. Venterra Realty is dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible, and even provides a 30-Day Live It. Love It. Guarantee™ which provides new residents the option to move out if they aren’t completely satisfied with their apartment for any reason.  

If you’re in the midst of looking for a new apartment property, consider browsing through one of Venterra’s communities located in 15 cities across the U.S. and contact us if you have any questions on the move-in or move-out process.    

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