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Laura made the tour experience seamless! Took her time and answered any questions that I had. Incredibly thorough and is part of the reason that she made my decision easy to apply.

I was very impressed with the property and Yesenia, my agent who showed me around. Her professionalism and her being personable were plus to helping me maneuver through, what could be considered a frustrating process, a wonderful experience. Her knowledge of the property and empathy for the clients needs are paramount.

Reviewed on 06/02/2024 by Certified Resident

Great management team!

Reviewed on 05/27/2024 by Certified Resident

Yesenia was amazing and she went above and beyond to show me everything that Zang has to offer. Wife and I decided to stay where we are currently leasing, but know that if we decide to move out we will visit Zang Triangle.

Reviewed on 05/22/2024 by Certified Resident

Yesenia KILLED the tour. She did amazing.

Reviewed on 05/19/2024 by Certified Resident

The leasing agent was very pleasant!

Reviewed on 05/18/2024 by Certified Resident

Love this place! The location is amazing, right next to a big park and a short drive from bishop arts. The package lockers are great and rarely ever had any issue with them. Never had a problem getting in or out of the parking garage. The garage is well lit at night so it’s never spooky. Walls are a bit thin but neighbors are never loud or noisy, other than the heavy footed upstairs neighbor. All appliances are in good condition! Plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen. Smart features like controlling the AC or the front door are convenient and easy to use. The complex is right next to a hospital so sometimes there’s a good amount of siren and helicopter noise, but it’s never gets in the way of sleep! Would recommend to a friend.

Reviewed on 05/09/2024 by Certified Resident

Very welcoming! Great customer service

Reviewed on 05/06/2024 by Certified Resident

Very nice small property w good management

Reviewed on 04/25/2024 by Certified Resident

Great staff, great communication, great management.

Reviewed on 04/25/2024 by Certified Resident

Zang Triange Apartments is a beautiful and very safe apartment complex. Located in Bishop Arts, an ideal location for people who love to go out and eat. The grounds of the apartment complex is nice and clean.

Reviewed on 04/18/2024 by Certified Resident

Great living community and a nice place to live.

Reviewed on 03/28/2024 by Certified Resident

I've lived at Zang Triangle over a decade. I love it here!

Reviewed on 03/16/2024 by Alexa U.

The staff was very helpful and attentive! The property is clean and well kept!

Reviewed on 03/14/2024 by Certified Resident

Zang Triangle always takes care of its tenants! Between location, friendliness of staff, amenities and more this is one of the best complexes in the area hands down! The team at the front office is very on top of their community and go above and beyond!

Reviewed on 03/14/2024 by Jared C.

Yessina was very professional and very nice. The complex is closer to work for me and I would enjoy renting there.

Reviewed on 03/10/2024 by Certified Resident

The floor plan and apartment features a great. The Amazon package locker and the Tide Cleaners locker are great. The staff is kind and responsive. The grounds are clean and well maintained. Neighbors are friendly. All in all, a great community to live in.

Reviewed on 02/09/2024 by Jeffrey H.

I appreciated all of the security measures in place.

Reviewed on 01/08/2024 by Certified Resident

My tour guide was very personable and educated in her apartment’s amenities, location, services, and expenses. She made everything very clear while remaining very chipper.

Reviewed on 01/03/2024 by Certified Resident

Since having new management here I have seen a slight improvement of things. My only concern is keeping the halls swept and mopped feom just about everyone here having dogs, some days it smells like a kennel throughout the halls.

Reviewed on 01/02/2024 by Certified Resident

Overall the community and tour was quality

Reviewed on 12/22/2023 by Certified Resident

Very excited to be working with and moving in soon

Reviewed on 12/17/2023 by Certified Resident

Found this property 3 years ago and have no desire to go anywhere else at present. Near enough to social scenes without the detriment of traffic. Excellence customer service and response time. Fabulous layout and amenities.

Reviewed on 12/16/2023 by Certified Resident

Enjoy living here with the great service and friendly people

Reviewed on 12/14/2023 by Certified Resident

Great tour.

Reviewed on 11/22/2023 by Certified Resident

Great community!

Reviewed on 11/14/2023 by Certified Resident

quiet and safe

Reviewed on 11/02/2023 by Certified Resident

Yesenia was very friendly and helpful….

Reviewed on 10/24/2023 by Certified Resident

YEsenia was so Helpful, and kind.

Reviewed on 10/22/2023 by Certified Resident

Great property and staff explain the floorplans and other details very well. Would definitely look forward to living here and also referring others

Reviewed on 10/21/2023 by Certified Resident

Great property.

Reviewed on 10/18/2023 by Certified Resident

It was amazing. Yesenia greeted us openly, kindly and very about knowledgeable about the community. It felt like home all around the property immediately. We stopped the search after touring the property and excited to be your new residents!

Reviewed on 10/08/2023 by Certified Resident

Beautiful facility, friendly staff. Employees made us feel very welcome and at home.

Reviewed on 10/07/2023 by Certified Resident

The community is nice but what really won me over was Yesenia, she is awesome!

Reviewed on 09/29/2023 by Certified Resident

Was very wow’d

Reviewed on 09/17/2023 by Certified Resident

Don't go too far when Zang is available. Zang!, the real deal.

Reviewed on 09/13/2023 by Melvis A.

Overall I was impressed by the complex and community. Everything seemed peaceful and acomdating. The tour was conducted with a lot of care and attention to detail in regard to answering my questions.

Reviewed on 08/06/2023 by Certified Resident

Community was great!

Reviewed on 06/30/2023 by Certified Resident

Yesenia was very nice and extremely helpful.

Reviewed on 06/27/2023 by Certified Resident

I love living here ! Everyone is so helpful and attentive ! Maintenance team always goes above and beyond.

Reviewed on 06/26/2023 by Raygan W.

Zang Triangle is undoubtedly the best place to live in the area! The amenities are nice and well kept and the management team is friendly and easy to work with. Any concerns be it maintenance needs or otherwise are quickly taken care of and management clearly genuinely cares about your comfort.

Reviewed on 06/26/2023 by Sabrina F.