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Please read my review of the agent that helped us move in. I dont remember how i worded it.

I loved everything about the community!! You had me at the bathroom!! Perfect size!!

Reviewed on 09/11/2020 by Certified Resident

I have lived here for almost 2 years and have never had a problem. Very quiet place and I feel safe in my own home here.

Reviewed on 09/06/2020 by Certified Resident

We love it here, nice place, friendly people,staff wonderful.

Reviewed on 08/09/2020 by Charles D.

The staff gives very good service

Reviewed on 08/08/2020 by Certified Resident

Beautiful apartments, exceptional staff, fast and accurate maintenance

Reviewed on 08/01/2020 by Certified Resident

Westover Oaks is a fantastic community! I moved to San Antonio fresh out of college only a couple of days after graduation. The community is clean, quiet, and has both friendly residents and extremely friendly staff. Westover Oaks welcomed me to my new home with open arms and has since been a phenomenal place to call home.

Reviewed on 07/25/2020 by Tyler K.

its really good

Reviewed on 07/23/2020 by Certified Resident

Overall, a pleasant place to live. I hardly have any issues and if anything comes up, it is handled/fixed in a timely manner. Also houses a kind and patient staff.

Reviewed on 07/20/2020 by Certified Resident

I am very happy with my move in experience.

Reviewed on 06/24/2020 by Certified Resident

Bianca was very informative, professional and knowledgable!

Reviewed on 06/24/2020 by Certified Resident

Very nice place to live

Reviewed on 06/19/2020 by Raul C.

No, thanks. I believe my comments and selections throughout the rest of the survey will suffice.

Reviewed on 06/19/2020 by Certified Resident

The maintenance he do good job . Thank you so much

Reviewed on 06/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Always very rude staff

Reviewed on 06/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Westover Oaks is a place I call home. After having hesitations moving to San Antonio, I was so pleased with the office staff. They always smile and answer my questions. They keep the community updated with different kinds of events and awareness. I like how the community feels kind of away from the city and is quiet. I always feel safe here, and my husband and I enjoy taking walks around the complex. I highly reccomend Westover Oaks as it is safe, pet friendly, clean, and customer service oriented. I appreciate all that they do for us here!

Reviewed on 06/17/2020 by Elizabeth B.

Ms. Bianca Bernal helped us in every way to find and choose an apartment. She even provided directions, gave us access to my email and found a lease for three months. The community is terrific, but I am working online in virtual reality for the forseeable future. Once this changes, I will need to move to San Antonio.

Reviewed on 06/15/2020 by Certified Resident

The place looks great

Reviewed on 06/15/2020 by Certified Resident

Having lived here less than a year, I feel I made the right decision. The office staff and the maintenance crew are most helpful,conscientious, and friendly. When talking to other tenants, they feel the same as I do; thats another plus! The grounds are are well kept, as well the dog parks and the trash and recycle area. Yes, Im very comfortable and sure you would to! Terri

Reviewed on 06/14/2020 by Theresa N.


Reviewed on 06/12/2020 by Certified Resident

Feels like home i love it.

Reviewed on 06/10/2020 by Tanya S.

Living at Westover Oaks has been a great experience. The move in went very smoothly and the leasing staff was great. Since living there for 6 month, the maintenance staff is also great. I would recommend this community to anyone.

Reviewed on 06/05/2020 by Beverly S.

I love living here at Westover Oaks. It's quiet, and staff is so nice. Paula Austin

Reviewed on 06/04/2020 by Paula A.

I love living here!

Reviewed on 06/02/2020 by Certified Resident

We are very pleased with the decision to move here and join the community of Westover Oaks. The management has been great, and responds promptly. The maintenance comes quickly, which I appreciate greatly. Our AC wasn't working and they came the same day I made the request. The neighbors are quiet and I haven't had any problems with anyone. Parking isn't a problem. It's a great place to live.

Reviewed on 05/25/2020 by Racquel M.

We love it here! Office staff is amazing and always gets right back to us! Maintenance works quick and efficient. One of the staff always stops to pet and say hi to our dog so she wont be scared of people and its so sweet! Sometimes she even gives her dog treats! Every issue weve had theyve resolved very quickly. I get constant updates from the office on important updates or work orders. Everyone in the complex is respectful and courteous. The apartments dont just look nice, they ARE nice. Weve lived places before that appeared nice but shortly after moving in you realize its not what it seems, this is not like that! This place is amazing and I will ALWAYS recommend it to incoming military families like us!

Reviewed on 05/16/2020 by Kelsey M.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, office agent, Bianca kept in constant communication with updates. Really made the move-in so easy and comfortable. ---Jessica Marie Gartrell

Reviewed on 05/11/2020 by Joseph G.

The move in process was easy and the community is clean and welcoming and considerate. Aesthetically, its beautiful and modern. Pet friendly.

Reviewed on 05/03/2020 by Certified Resident

We were sad to have to move out but the Westover Oaks office staff helped make our move as easy as possible. They were communicative about the transfer process, made sure to be available on our last day, and the final move out assessment was quick and extremely fair.

Reviewed on 04/26/2020 by Certified Resident

Made transferring so easy and stress-free.

Reviewed on 04/22/2020 by Certified Resident

Westover Oaks Apartments is a beautiful place all around! The amenities are everything you could want and need, not to mention a dog park for the pups. The apartments themselves are the best looking that I saw while shopping around. I knew as soon as I saw it, this place would be my home. 10/10

Reviewed on 04/16/2020 by Mickayla B.

The staff has made me happy I chose to make this community my family's home. Jessica Marie Gartrell

Reviewed on 04/09/2020 by Certified Resident

So glad I choose this community!

Reviewed on 04/09/2020 by Certified Resident

I love living in this community

Reviewed on 04/08/2020 by Certified Resident

Very appreciative of how easy the move out process was!!

Reviewed on 04/06/2020 by Certified Resident

Specifically left much older apartment complex to upgrade with Westover Oaks. Leasing staff was excellent in assisting me with needed paperwork and preparing to move. I especially would like to acknowledge Beatrix Mueller. She walked me step-by-step on what needed to be done. And did it in the most friendly, professional manner. She is a true asset to Westover Oaks.

Reviewed on 02/19/2020 by Beverly S.

This is home .!.

Reviewed on 02/17/2020 by Deatrice H.

favorite apartment I've seen so far!

Reviewed on 02/17/2020 by Certified Resident

Was very nice loved the location

Reviewed on 02/15/2020 by Certified Resident

I was very impressed with everything I love this place cant wait to move in

Reviewed on 01/31/2020 by Certified Resident

Excellent community. Apartments are modern, clean, and well furnished. Leasing office staff is personable but also professional. They always answered my questions I had as a new tenant. They always responded immediately to any requests. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed on 01/29/2020 by Beverly S.

Great staff, very nice apartments.

Reviewed on 01/28/2020 by Certified Resident

Moved in Sept., not here very longhand Didnt have time to enjoy it as much as I hoped to due to being sick and in hospital. But watch out now!

Reviewed on 01/13/2020 by Theresa N.

Melissa helped us out and she was awesome! Helped us out and answered all our questions.

Reviewed on 12/17/2019 by Certified Resident

Overall Excellent

Reviewed on 12/17/2019 by Certified Resident

Super impressed by this complex, definitely at the top of my list.

Reviewed on 12/17/2019 by Certified Resident

Amazing staff

Reviewed on 09/30/2019 by Alex D.