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Friendly environment

Lived in property for over 12 years in different units. Office staff friendly and all service requests done fast and efficient.

Reviewed on 05/04/2024 by Certified Resident

Venue at Hometown is my home, not just an apartment. The staff makes me comfortable living in my home. They are professional, accommodating and excellent.

Reviewed on 04/28/2024 by Gloria P.

Staff was great, process was smooth. Alyssa did a great job with final inspection and explained everything to ensure we had no issues.

Reviewed on 04/26/2024 by Certified Resident

We loved the Venue community. We were greeted by Kara which set the most pleasant experience possible. She was very friendly and made us feel very welcome to the Venue community. Kara immediately went over apartments homes available for rent.

Reviewed on 04/21/2024 by Certified Resident

Love the Venue. Beautiful area to live in.

Reviewed on 04/05/2024 by Dolores R.

The leasing agent was very personable and also gave me options on how to move

Reviewed on 04/05/2024 by Certified Resident

Venue management and service personnel are very professional and always provide the utmost in terms of response time and professionalism. Love living here!

Reviewed on 04/03/2024 by Johnnie E.

very convenient area with great living conditions

Reviewed on 03/26/2024 by Jared T.

Very inviting

Reviewed on 03/24/2024 by Certified Resident

I love living at Venue @ Hometown. My home is awesome, the location is perfect, the staff is outstanding!

Reviewed on 03/20/2024 by Gloria P.

Friendly staff, appealing environment, good security systems

Reviewed on 03/20/2024 by Certified Resident

Love my little community.

Reviewed on 03/10/2024 by Dolores R.

The staff at Hometown are really wonderful. they made everything easy from move in to move out.

Reviewed on 03/09/2024 by Certified Resident

Staff was very understanding due to me being deployed and giving myself time to help my wife move out

Reviewed on 03/02/2024 by Certified Resident

Venue at Hometown is a friendly community, near to restaurants, stores and other facilities within walking distance, with a friendly staff, ready to help you and a variety of activities to enjoy.

Reviewed on 02/19/2024 by Lydia B.

Venue at Home is the best residence I have ever found. I only wish I had known about it sooner. I feel very safe here. There are restaurants and stores within walking distance including a grocery store. What more could a person ask for. Venue at Home has everything to come home to.

Reviewed on 02/02/2024 by Certified Resident

Kara was tremendous help! The only thing I noticed that was less than superb was the leaves in the swimming pool but is not tremendously important for off season. Everything else is fabulous. Also I have a daughter and son-in-law that live here and absolutely love the community!

Reviewed on 01/26/2024 by Certified Resident

Wonderful community. I have lived here 9 years. The venue is a little jewel in North Richland Hills.

Reviewed on 01/25/2024 by Dolores R.

We have lived at Venue at Hometown for over 4 years. The management and maintenance teams are the best we have experienced anywhere.

Reviewed on 01/24/2024 by Certified Resident

A beautiful, well cared for community from front to back. That is a rarity in most communities. I’m excited to move in next month!

Reviewed on 01/18/2024 by Certified Resident

Living in Venue at Hometown is amazing! I love my apartment home and the staff is so professional! Maintenance issues are handled immediately and one stop maintenance! I have gladly recommended Venue. Location is perfect for my needs.

Reviewed on 01/12/2024 by Gloria P.

The location is really satisfying, the environment and the outlook is eye catching.

Reviewed on 12/22/2023 by Certified Resident

Reliable security system

Reviewed on 12/05/2023 by Shame P.

Lived on property for over 11 years. Never had issues that were not addressed. Community is friendly.

Reviewed on 11/27/2023 by Certified Resident

I love The Venue. The location is unbeatable. You can walk to restaurants, a grocery store, a library, a city recreation center, a hockey rink, a high school, a coffee shop, barre classes, a spa, and now a pottery business. The management and maintenance team are open to suggestions, and they correct any issues promptly. The grounds are lovely and the apartment layouts are varied and unique. You should live here!!

Reviewed on 11/20/2023 by Marsha S.

The perfect community ever. I am very happy with my new apartment and all the great service included.

Reviewed on 11/17/2023 by Lydia B.

This is a very nice complex we are looking forward to calling this home

Reviewed on 11/16/2023 by Certified Resident

Friendly environment

Reviewed on 11/15/2023 by Certified Resident

A friendly, low key community with wonderful office and maintenance staff. Top notch!

Reviewed on 11/05/2023 by Betsy A.

It was beautiful

Reviewed on 10/20/2023 by Certified Resident

Looks well kept up, everyone seemed friendly and overall super convenient. Felt like the agent listened to our wants.

Reviewed on 10/14/2023 by Certified Resident

Lived at the Venue with different floor plans. Have had no issues that where not addressed in a timely manner. Easy access to the apartment sight. Shopping has been easy with the different stores in the area.

Reviewed on 10/14/2023 by Robert G.

Friendly environment with good security facilities

Reviewed on 10/10/2023 by Shame P.

I actually found you by mistake. I was looking for a different complex, and stubbled into yours. I was pleasantly surprised. Kara instantly took great care of me. Out of all of the complexes I went to that day she is the only one that reached out to me same day! I didn't feel like I was wasting her time.

Reviewed on 10/10/2023 by Certified Resident

It’s safe, affordable, and looks amazing inside and out. It’s tough to find places with all 3 of those characteristics!

Reviewed on 10/04/2023 by Certified Resident

The leasing agent has been outstanding with answering questions and following up before/after appointments. I met and did my in person tour with the community manager yesterday and she was extremely helpful and kind to me. They have made me feel at ease about my decision to move into this community and I am excited to continue work with them on finding the right unit for me.

Reviewed on 09/27/2023 by Certified Resident

The community is great, staffs office are understanding and prompt to provide assistance. I keep telling people about this apartment complex but the cost is too high for most of them.

Reviewed on 09/18/2023 by Certified Resident

Easy and quick. Thanks you all!

Reviewed on 09/17/2023 by Certified Resident

Love Venue at Hometown! Have been here over 6 years, can't imagine living anywhere else

Reviewed on 09/08/2023 by Sherry P.

Extremely well in fixing things immediately. Very professional and kind!! My husband thinks so too. I’ve lived here for about 7 years and I’ve never had a problem.

Reviewed on 08/12/2023 by Edwin L.

Venue at Hometown is more than my apartment. It is my home. The management, office staff and maintenance team are always professions all maintenance requests are handled expeditiously. Keep up the amazing job!

Reviewed on 08/03/2023 by Gloria P.

I have lived here 9 years and don’t plan to move

Reviewed on 07/31/2023 by Dolores R.

I am very pleased with the maintenance service and love the community. I am very happy I moved here.

Reviewed on 07/26/2023 by Lydia B.

Overall great area, quiet neighborhood and responsive and professional staff

Reviewed on 07/25/2023 by Certified Resident

Great community and staff. Quit and safe

Reviewed on 07/23/2023 by Certified Resident

Beautiful surrounding area, safe environment for walks, early or late in the day, multiple restaurants and stores within minutes of walking distance, even barbershops. Residents friendly and helpful and beautiful pool for those interested. I know of no other place with so many amenities and beautiful views right outside your door.

Reviewed on 07/21/2023 by Lydia B.

It’s almost impossible to find an apartment community with great everything, but The Venue has it all! Great location, beautiful grounds, amazing management, and friendly, knowledgeable maintenance!! You will love it here! Trish, Alyssa, Kara, and the boys go above and beyond expectations!

Reviewed on 07/17/2023 by Marsha S.

From what I have observed, the community seems to be very safe and clean which was high on my list during apartment shopping.

Reviewed on 06/24/2023 by Certified Resident

I felt Kara was very kind and knowledgeable.

Reviewed on 06/24/2023 by Certified Resident

Venue at Hometown is more than an apartment complex. It is a home. Office staff is absolutely the best….I have lived in apartments in Florida, California and Texas. Venue is the best apartment home I have ever occupied!

Reviewed on 06/22/2023 by Gloria P.

If you don’t live here you’re missing out. The Venue has everything and the BEST staff on the planet!

Reviewed on 06/22/2023 by Marsha S.

When I suddenly needed to downsize, my first choice when looking for apartments was the Venue. I’ve been here for four years now, in two different apartments. I’ve experienced nothing less than excellence from staff, office and maintenance alike. The location is stellar, the amenities convenient. As long as I need to rent, I will stay right here!

Reviewed on 06/16/2023 by Nancy R.

Is a warm welcoming home

Reviewed on 05/29/2023 by Certified Resident

We are in the process of opening Salti, The Salt And Sound Spa. There are a million things we are juggling to get everything ready for the opening. The one thing I never have to worry about is quick response from the Venue team. Trish is always on top of any issue and they are magically and quickly addressed! Thank you!

Reviewed on 05/27/2023 by Salti, T.

Professional services

Reviewed on 05/24/2023 by Certified Resident

Very overpriced for what it is.

Reviewed on 05/24/2023 by Certified Resident