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Buen punto y lugar para vivir

Very nice community love it so far

Reviewed on 12/19/2020 by Certified Resident

A great deal for a lot of space and close to everything. The leasing office is convenient and the representatives are always kind.

Reviewed on 12/15/2020 by Certified Resident

Northbridge was an excellent choice. I fell in love initially with the look and location, but now I am in love with living here too!

Reviewed on 10/20/2020 by Steven B.

I really love it its much better from the place Im been living at for two 1/2 years

Reviewed on 10/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Very impressed.

Reviewed on 10/18/2020 by Certified Resident

its a very nice place to live, has a very nice view, very quiet and we have many options to spend the time. personally, I have moved here because of the gym and the balcony view.

Reviewed on 10/10/2020 by jorge g.

I loved it we can not wait to move in

Reviewed on 10/10/2020 by Certified Resident

The community is beautiful and Rachel was AMAZING! She took me to see a model of a 2/2 (which my daughter and I immediately fell in love with) and she answered all my questions. This was the best experience I've ever had when it comes to apartment searching. I highly recommend the community! Thank you again

Reviewed on 10/10/2020 by Certified Resident

Great community. Considering living here.

Reviewed on 10/09/2020 by Certified Resident

Great community been here 8 years and have always been taken care of.

Reviewed on 10/09/2020 by Jeanine P.

Reached out to the leasing office and Rachel took the call, she was polite, friendly, and professional as always and she put the request in for me. The next morning the maintenance guy showed up and fixed the problem in 10 minutes.. he was friendly, professional, and courteous!

Reviewed on 10/08/2020 by Marlin D.

Smooth move, new fresh carpets and Rachel was so very helpful every step of the way! Thank you Rachel!

Reviewed on 10/07/2020 by Victoria S.

Rachel was such a big help moving in! Shes always ready to assist and quick to respond.

Reviewed on 10/06/2020 by Kari R.

Great place to live! Friendly staff and great amenities

Reviewed on 10/03/2020 by Certified Resident

Very lively and peaceful place to live.

Reviewed on 09/15/2020 by Certified Resident

Loved Northbridge Apartment !!!

Reviewed on 09/14/2020 by Pedro S.

I really like it !

Reviewed on 09/13/2020 by Certified Resident

Northbridge is great community. staff are awesome and they respond with a quickness I really love living here

Reviewed on 09/12/2020 by Billie J.

Excelente complex muy atentos

Reviewed on 09/11/2020 by Elena O.

It's a Resort at home!

Reviewed on 09/11/2020 by Theresa Z.

We've been at Northbridge for a month and so far it's a really nice place to live. The apartment was clean and nice at move in, parking is open and available, your trash is picked up regularly, the office staff is nice and they seem to get things done, access to the amenities is pretty easy. So far so good.

Reviewed on 09/10/2020 by Shannon W.

Love it overall

Reviewed on 09/07/2020 by Certified Resident

I have not been able to get in touch with anyone since my tour which I find extremely unfortunate. But I loved the property and the nature of the employees when I did visit.

Reviewed on 09/03/2020 by Certified Resident

This property feels like a mini city. Its big!

Reviewed on 08/31/2020 by Certified Resident

I don't know where to begin... this is a true terrible, dirty, poor and low-quality place to live.

Reviewed on 08/30/2020 by Certified Resident

Very impressed with the neighborhood market that is minutes from the apartment !

Reviewed on 08/12/2020 by Certified Resident

Afuera de los apartamentos hay basura regada y en bolsas abiertas y el piso pegó tuvo, sucio, con el agua de las bolsas rotas de las basuras

Reviewed on 08/09/2020 by Certified Resident

Worst experience ever, I was without a working microwave/overhead fan for over 2 months.

Reviewed on 08/07/2020 by Certified Resident

Much easier than anywhere else we've ever lived

Reviewed on 08/07/2020 by Certified Resident

Again no communication was made with me. I was treated like I wasnt living or paying rent there the entire time. For some reason they only ever communicated with my cousin and never gave me the same courtesy. He had also moved out already a month prior

Reviewed on 08/07/2020 by Certified Resident

I love this place!

Reviewed on 08/03/2020 by Certified Resident

Greay location! Amazing lake view and community.

Reviewed on 07/30/2020 by Kelly M.

The community seems nice, but the leasing office seems To practice discriminatory behaviors, I sent my documents to apply on Tuesday of last week, no one reviewed those documents The day I sent them in, the leasing representative told me in an email that should be office for the next two days, and then she would call me on Friday morning. Friday morning.... Came and went so I decided to go to the apartment complex Friday afternoon, there was no one in the building due to COVID-19; you have to have an appointment to be seen. It made me wonder why the representative did not set an appointment even though I had already sent her all of my documents via email. So I called the corporate office and they sent me an appointment for the following day at 2 PM. Even though I had an appointment I had to wait for the representative to finish showing the property to someone else. Then she decided to go over my documents then on Saturday. She told me I qualified for the affordable apartment. Based on my income. But I need to make 2.5 times the rent which disqualifies me. Which to me didnt make any sense, she said I need to make at least 850+ More a month in order to qualify, but if I made $850 more month I dont think I would qualify I think I would make too much for an income-based apartment which would put me at around 2300 month....She did not want to show me the property. But my daughter is looking forward to having a new home. As a mother I did not want to disappoint her so I said I would wait, another representative agreed to show me the property however a storm was coming so I left before I could complete the tour.

Reviewed on 07/29/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 07/25/2020 by Certified Resident

Your attendant Rachel Page was very kind and show us all the community with patience and respond every question.

Reviewed on 07/17/2020 by Certified Resident

Beautiful and clean community! We were very impressed!

Reviewed on 07/14/2020 by Certified Resident

It was great

Reviewed on 07/07/2020 by Certified Resident

Its amazing!

Reviewed on 07/02/2020 by Certified Resident

The level of courtesy and accountability of Northbridge overall is unacceptable. Also, unless you think living in a trash infested complex and maggot ridden, roach colonized apartments is a good standard of living. It is definitely overpriced for what it is. The frequent car break ins, the many tenant confrontations with the law, dog deposits in the area and the scent of pee and dog shit everywhere, is amazing how yo can call this a legal apartment complex. Shame!!! on Northbridge at Millennia

Reviewed on 06/26/2020 by Omar Q.

Marlayna was great. She was friendly and informative.

Reviewed on 06/26/2020 by Certified Resident

I find North bridge to be a very nice peaceful community where I am happy to continu to raise my family In

Reviewed on 06/24/2020 by Certified Resident

It was a great experience and our tour host marlayna was amazing in explaining everything

Reviewed on 06/19/2020 by Certified Resident

My overall experience has been great. I feel safe and I love it here.

Reviewed on 06/19/2020 by Certified Resident

Better Better management and better customer service and cleaning list in the community

Reviewed on 06/13/2020 by Certified Resident

Great location, friendly staff at office, and nice sized apartments.

Reviewed on 06/12/2020 by Certified Resident

The Northbridge family here is a well run community oiled with professional office members that put you first in many ways. Their attention to detail and sincere patience are a testimony to how a management company should take care of their clientele. I have been a resident for seven years and as a former assistant manager for a former top management company here in Orlando I am proud to say I am secure in the hands of Venterra Living!

Reviewed on 06/09/2020 by Janice K.

Such a beautiful place to live, grounds and community are well kept and safe!

Reviewed on 06/06/2020 by Barbara B.

Office staff is amazing... The Maintaince staff tries really hard to upkeep the property.

Reviewed on 06/01/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 05/30/2020 by Certified Resident

Poor communication ability

Reviewed on 05/26/2020 by Certified Resident

Very professional and well managed place A place you feel at home Good neighbors good perks, good convenient store Dominoes Pizza Subway subs barbershop gym two resort like pools an amazing lake Millenia mall on tha back, and all Millenias businesses like Best Buy Target Krispy Kreme Olive Garden etc

Reviewed on 05/25/2020 by Antoine G.

During COVID-19 the office staff has been so incredibly helpful with different accommodations and help during this trying time. Thank you so much.

Reviewed on 05/16/2020 by Courtney T.

Been here 3 years staff is amazing receptionist somewhat slow but other wise they work with u

Reviewed on 05/14/2020 by Nicolas D.

Move-out was pleasantly uneventful.

Reviewed on 05/14/2020 by Certified Resident

No tengo nada que decir

Reviewed on 05/11/2020 by Certified Resident

A wonderful place to live over all I have been here twelve years...

Reviewed on 05/10/2020 by Betty V.

I have been at northbridge for about 8 yrs it's a very wonderful counmmtity love the pools and they are pet friendly

Reviewed on 05/02/2020 by Yolanda E.

Theres no better place to Live Excellent Staff even in Pandemic Times They do everything to help Thank You

Reviewed on 04/29/2020 by Antoine G.

We do love the apartment and the ease of moving in. Living in a gated community makes us feel better as well.

Reviewed on 04/25/2020 by Certified Resident

We did a video tour but everything seemed great!

Reviewed on 04/21/2020 by Certified Resident

Northbridge Apartments is a Resort in demand

Reviewed on 04/13/2020 by Theresa Z.

Only lived here a short time but I like it.

Reviewed on 04/08/2020 by Certified Resident

Es un sitio que de verdad tiene la apariencia de tranquilidad.

Reviewed on 04/07/2020 by Carmen L.

Lovely place to live. Friendly staff. Safe environment.

Reviewed on 04/04/2020 by Certified Resident

My home here is like living at a resort!

Reviewed on 04/01/2020 by Theresa Z.


Reviewed on 03/29/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 03/28/2020 by Certified Resident

Great staff

Reviewed on 03/27/2020 by Certified Resident

Me and my husband love it and we are so impressed with the staff showing us around. Rachel is so sweet and very informative and we feel like we can ask her anything. We love the look and feel of the community and the look of the apartment as well. We are planning to move here in the next few months.

Reviewed on 02/19/2020 by Certified Resident

So clean and nice. Made me excited to move in

Reviewed on 02/19/2020 by Certified Resident

Very satisfied

Reviewed on 02/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Excelente Condominio 100 ptos

Reviewed on 02/18/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 02/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Falta limpieza en la entrada del edifico

Reviewed on 02/17/2020 by Certified Resident

I felt a few minor changes, such as updated/modern decor (fancier chairs) in the pool area could enhance the quality of experience. I also wouldve liked to see lighter colored cabinets in the kitchen and/or bathrooms, it makes the rooms look bigger with lighter colors, and gives a modern/clean feel. I plan to stay at NorthBridge for a while!

Reviewed on 02/12/2020 by Certified Resident

The process was flawless and Marlayna Wright was a gem at it

Reviewed on 02/05/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 02/05/2020 by Certified Resident

Great place to live I moved here 10 years ago and had to move out of the state for a family matter but 3 years later I reapplied and returned because of the Awesome experience you get in residing at The most beautiful place to live in Central Florida!!

Reviewed on 02/05/2020 by Barbara B.

Very poor communication

Reviewed on 02/03/2020 by Certified Resident

I was completely satisfied. But I have decided that I'm going to stay out of the apartment that I resign in until my finances change. it is cheaper for me to stay where I'm at then for me to move at this point in my life right now but once I have decided to move once again I will give this community my first pick.

Reviewed on 02/03/2020 by Certified Resident

Luxurious and modern.

Reviewed on 01/31/2020 by Certified Resident

great place to live, waiting for the response of the application in the community, and that it is satisfactory.

Reviewed on 01/31/2020 by Certified Resident

The grounds are well kept and the maintenance staff resolves issues quickly. The location is great. There are many choices for your needs and entertainment nearby.

Reviewed on 01/30/2020 by Kevin D.


Reviewed on 01/28/2020 by Certified Resident

It's like a resort at home...aaaah!

Reviewed on 01/26/2020 by Theresa Z.

The request took over three weeks and was not addressed until I went to office twice

Reviewed on 01/24/2020 by Paul B.

Agradable, confortable y respetuosa comunidad. Excelente atención del departamento de mantenimiento y buena atención en el departamento administrativo.

Reviewed on 01/23/2020 by Reina D.

After 2 years of being in Florida I finally feel at home! Thank you Northbridge at Millenia Lake for making this happen.

Reviewed on 01/23/2020 by Jill S.

Love it!

Reviewed on 01/22/2020 by Certified Resident