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Quiet, friendly and very helpful

Staff was super helpful and nice. :D

Reviewed on 06/06/2021 by Certified Resident

Clint was wonderful. Quick and proficient, excellent communication!

Reviewed on 05/29/2021 by Christa M.

How the community comes together as one large unit for every occasion from decorated holidays to natural disaster emergency collections is very apparent here. The office staff is very in tune with that culture and plans their activities with everyone accordingly! Its really awesome to witness generosity from the Balmoral staff and the community and I feel blessed to be a part of it! We all have a story and paths that leads us to many different destinations in the future but at this moment in time we all share Balmoral village; families, friends, coworkers, and the Balmoral Village staff all make it our home!

Reviewed on 05/22/2021 by Misty H.

Balmoral village is a quiet neighborhood for families/singles and seniors. It is close to grocery stores, food/diners/gasoline, shopping/pharmacy.

Reviewed on 05/21/2021 by Certified Resident

Overall a very enjoyable living experience.

Reviewed on 05/14/2021 by James S.


Reviewed on 05/12/2021 by Certified Resident

i absolutely love this apartment complex. the souls that work here are amazing, on top of their game, sweet, generous, understanding and joyful. the complex is clean- the apartments are beautiful.

Reviewed on 04/20/2021 by Brittany B.

The community is very peaceful and safe. Chasity was awesome and patient showing me the property. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed on 02/28/2021 by Certified Resident

Can't say enough nice things!! Amazing staff, great location, love the atmosphere and apartment. Also have to say all the neighbors are very friendly. Good family environment.

Reviewed on 02/23/2021 by Certified Resident

I've been here a month, and so far so good. Maintenance has been great about getting things done once they know there is an issue. Marllena and Christy in the front office are welcoming, friendly and professional. Thank you all for helping us get settled in quickly. You've been great! AJ A

Reviewed on 02/19/2021 by Amparita A.

Best and safety place to live. This has a lot of modern facilities.

Reviewed on 02/16/2021 by Swapna T.

Submitted a review earlier, and everything is still accurate. This place is a dream to live in. They just installed smart devices in the apartments for controlling the thermostat, smart lock and a smart plug. Other devices can be linked to it as well. It has been so nice to be able to control the temperature in the house from wherever. And to be able to unlock the door with my phone without having to use the keys, and then lock it by touching the lock when I'm leaving. Just like everything else, the team here makes living in Balmoral simple and stress free. Thank you so much for everything you do.

Reviewed on 02/12/2021 by Jason F.

We loved Marllena Scott personality and professionalism. The tour of the community grounds was fun in the golf cart.

Reviewed on 02/10/2021 by Certified Resident

The management staff is amazing! They are responsive, caring, informative and willing to help! They always address the issues you have. The maintenance staff is courteous and willing to help!! I would recommend them to all

Reviewed on 02/04/2021 by Philip K.

Neat Environment and prompt response to maintaining issues.

Reviewed on 01/31/2021 by Certified Resident

The staff at Balmoral are welcoming and kind. The homes are spacious and secure. The flooring is beautiful and easily kept clean. It's a wonderful place to call home.

Reviewed on 01/30/2021 by Amanda B.

Love it here looking forward to a new lease

Reviewed on 01/29/2021 by Anthony B.

Staff is warm and friendly, and they go the extra mile to make any issue right the first time. AJ

Reviewed on 01/27/2021 by Certified Resident

Great location. Great staff. Corporate imposed rent rates too high. Raised rates during a pandemic while people suffered. It's not local management but corporate overlords out of touch.

Reviewed on 01/26/2021 by Don V.

Living in Balmoral Village has been a life changing experience. Sounds like an exaggeration. It isn't. Living here has made me feel like I'm on vacation every single day. My stress levels have plummeted and my quality of life is through the roof. I can't recommend it enough.

Reviewed on 01/25/2021 by Jason F.

Great place to live from the Manager & Entire Staff to the affordability of apartments size updates grounds safe place everything is great here

Reviewed on 01/17/2021 by Luz I.

I lived in this community before buying my home 5 years ago. Now I'm selling my home, and moving back for a few months. I like the upgrades so far. Amenities are the same, but have been polished.

Reviewed on 01/15/2021 by Certified Resident

Looks very well cared for

Reviewed on 12/19/2020 by Certified Resident

Good community

Reviewed on 12/09/2020 by Sarah B.

We don't believe final settlement and charges for damages were computed per Venterra's policies and procedures. For example depreciation was not computed on cost of replacements and damages to floor was charges despite no damages and was not even discussed during final inspection. If any one has questions you can reach me at 715 768 5869 anytime.

Reviewed on 11/15/2020 by Certified Resident

Our experience at Balmoral has been great. Our needs are always meet by the staff members and management. We feel welcomed here.

Reviewed on 10/12/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 10/09/2020 by Certified Resident

A comfortable and quiet place to live.

Reviewed on 09/08/2020 by Certified Resident

This is a nice choice if you have young school going children. It is lively and there are always people up and about. Safe place to be. Hardworking maintenance staff!

Reviewed on 09/06/2020 by Olivia P.

Continue excellent customer services, maintenance service and live live living here 10+ years thank you all again

Reviewed on 09/06/2020 by Luz I.

Marllena helped me tour the community and was absolutely amazing, she is a fantastic agent, very knowledgeable and sweet. I am still considering my options but because of her great customer service I am definitely considering moving to this community.

Reviewed on 09/04/2020 by Certified Resident

Nice community. Nice staff with good location

Reviewed on 08/30/2020 by Certified Resident

Meagen is great! Very personable and inviting!

Reviewed on 08/30/2020 by Certified Resident

I'm a new resident and my experience so far has been great!

Reviewed on 08/14/2020 by Certified Resident

Great place to live, all staff are great at customer services, as well as maintenance especially during this COVID 19 period co Tunis doing your best

Reviewed on 08/07/2020 by Luz I.

The leasing representatives were excellent, customer service was A+. They never neglected me and made me feel very welcomed during our tour. They were both knowledgeable and provide a great experience.

Reviewed on 08/06/2020 by Certified Resident

The young lady showing the property was professional, pleasant & was able to answer all our questions.

Reviewed on 07/29/2020 by Certified Resident

Looked nice

Reviewed on 07/29/2020 by Certified Resident

Its a nice community. Just need something closer to I85.

Reviewed on 07/29/2020 by Certified Resident

This is a great place to live! The community is quiet and the amenities are excellent! Centeral located, east to get to stores, Doctors, schools.

Reviewed on 07/28/2020 by Certified Resident

We were ripped off. We were charged more than the cost of repairs. Everyone i know Who went thru the process says the same thing.

Reviewed on 07/22/2020 by Certified Resident

Outstanding repair. Every single call I have had placed in 2 years has been repaired quickly and properly.

Reviewed on 07/16/2020 by Shawn T.

Before I move to this apartment community, I got very good feedback from my friends. But my experience was not good. Apartment was in very bad condition lots of insects, spiderwebs, dead cockroaches. Washer and dryer area is too far from my apartment and they didn't provide washer dryer. They take lot of time to execute the maintenance issues.

Reviewed on 06/26/2020 by Rohini L.

Great community but the apartments lack patios which are vital in that area

Reviewed on 06/25/2020 by Certified Resident

Nice, quiet, and comfortable community.

Reviewed on 06/23/2020 by Certified Resident