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Keisha Howell was great, very helpful!

Welcoming and comfortable place to live

Reviewed on 01/08/2021 by Jeffery B.

Isaiah showed us the property. He knew the information really well and did a fantastic job with the tour!

Reviewed on 01/03/2021 by Certified Resident

It's a beautiful community and a great location

Reviewed on 01/02/2021 by Certified Resident

The community seemed to be great, especially Issaih who helped me out with everything.

Reviewed on 12/22/2020 by Certified Resident

The maintenance team is the best!

Reviewed on 12/19/2020 by Cathy C.

San Palmilla has made our everyday home feel like a vacation. We love it here!

Reviewed on 12/14/2020 by Cynthia C.

I absolutely love my new apartment! San Palmilla leasing team really did an amazing job making sure I had everything I needed to move in smoothly. They were always attentive to my phone calls and getting approved it was a breeze! I would highly recommend this community!

Reviewed on 10/12/2020 by Jaimi A.

Very Glad we have Elevators!!

Reviewed on 10/10/2020 by Certified Resident

We love our new apt and the complex. We really enjoy the staff and how they are so attentive.

Reviewed on 10/10/2020 by Certified Resident

It is a place to call home.

Reviewed on 10/07/2020 by Certified Resident

Loved the experience here!

Reviewed on 09/27/2020 by Certified Resident

Love living here

Reviewed on 09/22/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla staff and apartment grounds all around are top notch.

Reviewed on 09/14/2020 by Certified Resident

Staff here are Professional, Prompt and Polite

Reviewed on 09/10/2020 by Duane B.

did not receive the full deposit back and are unsure why

Reviewed on 09/10/2020 by Certified Resident

The combination of a friendly and responsive staff, location and constant community upkeep of San Palmilla make this the best location in the area. You will not be disappointed if you decide to live here.

Reviewed on 09/09/2020 by Christopher M.

A wonderful and peaceful community to live. Friendly staff making easy.

Reviewed on 08/29/2020 by John O.

Very clean and beautiful apartments. The move in process was so quick and easy thanks to the responsive staff. These apartments are very on top of things that needs to be communicated and quick with maintenance calls, etc.

Reviewed on 08/28/2020 by Certified Resident

Its a very nice place to live

Reviewed on 08/24/2020 by Ilva R.

I am very pleased with my new apartment at San Palmilla. It is very quiet here during day. I manage my practice from home (covid). I have a view of the beautiful pool. Maintenance keeps the place very clean. The Ladies in the Leasing office are Professional and Kind. With only Hours notice on a Friday, they got everything set up and I was able to move in by Saturday morning.

Reviewed on 08/24/2020 by Duane B.

It was very nice and the staff was just perfect. Thank you

Reviewed on 08/24/2020 by Certified Resident

This is a beautiful property with wonderful amenities. The apartments are beautifully decorated with the latest color schemes. While the walls are soundproof and I do not hear the next-door neighbors, the ceilings are very thin so be sure to live on the top floor!

Reviewed on 08/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Its a very good place to live

Reviewed on 08/12/2020 by Certified Resident

We are loving these apartments! The amenities are so nice and the staff and maintenance are so helpful!!

Reviewed on 08/10/2020 by Certified Resident

very nice community, friendly staff, clean pool, good maintenance

Reviewed on 08/07/2020 by Faraz S.

The location is great; love the amenities and the fact that we have an elevator.

Reviewed on 08/02/2020 by Certified Resident

I recently decided to Transfer to a new apartment. I wanted more space considering I will be working from home. Management was Great coordinating the move. Thanks

Reviewed on 07/30/2020 by Certified Resident

I would have liked to have been able to deal with people and not computers. I understand the virus is to blame though. Most places are adjusting by using masks though. Something you may want to consider...

Reviewed on 07/22/2020 by Certified Resident

I have been living at San Palmilla for 18 months and am very happy here. The apartments are a good size with large windows and decent furnishings. The buildings and grounds are very well maintained. The office and maintenance staff are excellent, friendly, attentive and the maintenance gets done literally within a day or two of a request being submitted. There's plenty of parking and lovely amenities. While the location is not very scenic, the convenience of access to I-45, the mall, post office, various restaurants and two grocery stores is great. I am on the second floor and there is almost always a breeze. Sitting outside on the balcony in the evenings is actually very comfortable even when it's hot and humid. I'll be staying here another year when my lease is up.

Reviewed on 07/15/2020 by Certified Resident

On the weekends: Too many guess in the pool....too many guess around the tables...too many guess around the grills ....I thought we had rules during this pandemic

Reviewed on 07/14/2020 by Certified Resident

We are overall impressed with our new home. The size of the 3 bedroom fits our need perfectly and we enjoy living here. It has the feel of a luxury complex.

Reviewed on 07/07/2020 by Scott L.

Kristi gave me a perfect and great experience on my tour and looking forward to signing my lease here this week!

Reviewed on 07/01/2020 by Certified Resident

Very friendly staff. Great residents. Convenient parking.

Reviewed on 06/29/2020 by Certified Resident

Its a beautiful complex and would like to have lived there .. short term lease too expensive

Reviewed on 06/28/2020 by Certified Resident

I thought the whole place looked wonderful and exactly what Im looking for!

Reviewed on 06/26/2020 by Certified Resident

Well provide a very positive feedback shortly.

Reviewed on 06/24/2020 by Certified Resident

My leasing agent was amazing and very informative

Reviewed on 06/19/2020 by Certified Resident

Very nice and well kept Facility people friendly

Reviewed on 06/18/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 06/18/2020 by Certified Resident

Very friendly very good customer service

Reviewed on 06/17/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a great place to live. It is quiet and I love the office staff and the maintenance men.

Reviewed on 06/15/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is amazing! The staff is very attentive and helpful. I am definitely pleased with my time living here so far.

Reviewed on 06/14/2020 by Briana S.

It was a great living experience at San Palmilla. I liked the calm atmosphere, no smoking and cleanliness of the common areas.

Reviewed on 06/08/2020 by Certified Resident

Good amenities and location to shopping, restaurants and interstate. Noise level is high, you can hear people walking, neighbors talking, their TV on, vacuuming. Water leaks in through the windows when it rains hard.

Reviewed on 06/04/2020 by Certified Resident

Lovely amenities and responsive maintenance and leasing staff. Everything is well maintained and clean!

Reviewed on 06/01/2020 by Certified Resident

This place beautiful, safe and Liz and Jennifer are so helpful in the office. I am so happy to be living here, I feel safe and extremely blessed.

Reviewed on 05/31/2020 by Maegan M.

Great service and tours

Reviewed on 05/28/2020 by Certified Resident

The ambience and beauty of this community and apartment are amazing! Highly recommend this property!

Reviewed on 05/27/2020 by Certified Resident

We love living here. The amenities and staff are wonderful!

Reviewed on 05/24/2020 by Athena R.

San Palmilla promises great amenities but we have not been able to enjoy them because of COVID-19. Hopefully they will honor the governors intentions of re-opening pools and gym. I would recommend they increase staff in order to monitor 25% occupancy of amenities rather than closing them.

Reviewed on 05/14/2020 by Certified Resident

Our renewal coincided with the pandemic. Unfortunately for us, the rental cost remained the same after disputing a proposed increase. Now our same apartment is renting for 300 less than we are paying. I would think a review would be in order to bring us in line with the rest. Also, it would be prudent for Venterra to provide a refund/credit for the time we had no ammenities.

Reviewed on 05/12/2020 by Raymond M.

A good place to reside.

Reviewed on 05/10/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a great place to live for the beautiful apartments with hardwood floors and great location in close proximity to restaurants and essential stores.

Reviewed on 05/07/2020 by Certified Resident

Awesome, caring staff. Everyone makes you feel like family. I love coming home to San Palmilla.

Reviewed on 05/07/2020 by Angela G.

I dont know the results of the final inspection.

Reviewed on 05/06/2020 by Certified Resident

I had no contact with anyone at the property

Reviewed on 05/06/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a great place to live.

Reviewed on 05/04/2020 by Certified Resident

me gusta mucho vivir aqui.

Reviewed on 04/27/2020 by Certified Resident

Lizette was so awesome to deal with. She made time last minute to give me a virtual tour. She has been very accommodating and great with communication. I look forward to moving into these apartments.

Reviewed on 04/26/2020 by Certified Resident

We loved it

Reviewed on 04/19/2020 by Certified Resident

Great place to live in!

Reviewed on 04/17/2020 by Sheli V.

Ms.Liz was wonderful! Shes so patient and sweet! Love her !!

Reviewed on 04/15/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a wonderful place to live. You have all the amenities you can want or need. The staff is a group of professionals that have one goal in mind and that is getting it done right and keeping their tenants happy.

Reviewed on 04/15/2020 by Robin D.

I absolutely love San Palmilla!!! So glad to call this beautiful complex my home! We love the dog park and how nice everyone is, and how tentative the staff is as well. Great place with perfect location!

Reviewed on 04/09/2020 by Michelle S.

Did a virtual tour and dont live in town so I couldnt see the property other than the unit. Jennifer was super sweet and helpful with all of my questions!

Reviewed on 03/26/2020 by Certified Resident

So far, very friendly and professional

Reviewed on 03/24/2020 by Certified Resident

Location and service at this complex are amazing!

Reviewed on 03/24/2020 by Sherri M.

San Palmilla is a great place to live. New tenants and existing tenants are greeted with excellent service by the Sales, Maintainance, and Management teams. Additionally, San Palmilla provides many amenities, high level security, and a family environment. Im very please to live at this modern and great place!

Reviewed on 03/13/2020 by Mario L.

This was one the best apartments Ive seen and you personal was just phenomenal I will definitely get my apartment here and recommend yall to anyone I can !

Reviewed on 02/27/2020 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a Great Place to Live. Close to All of My needs.

Reviewed on 02/26/2020 by Pete H.

Liz made it 10xs more comfortable to tour with and never felt pressured .

Reviewed on 02/23/2020 by Certified Resident

todo esta muy bien, recomendable totalmente.

Reviewed on 02/19/2020 by Francisco G.

Staff worked hard to make the transition smooth. We'll miss them most of all!

Reviewed on 02/19/2020 by Certified Resident

Jennifer was amazing and patient and understanding of all of my ur concerns. She listened and advised of all options and availabilities and amenities to accommodate all our needs/wishes. She was very thorough and followed thru with communicating after we left.

Reviewed on 02/10/2020 by Certified Resident

It is probably one of the nicest apartments I've ever toured.

Reviewed on 02/05/2020 by Certified Resident

Awesome community. Price is a little high but I understand it is because of all the amenities the place has to offe

Reviewed on 02/05/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 02/01/2020 by Certified Resident

Friendly tour.

Reviewed on 01/30/2020 by Certified Resident

Its beautiful Jennifer was so great showing us all the different amenities in the property

Reviewed on 01/30/2020 by Certified Resident

My overall impression of this community is very favorable. My host, Liz .... made a great impression upon me and is an excellent representative for your apartments there. One thing I was completely impressed with is the fact she was so happy with her job and working for Venterra. When a person is happy with their job, it shows through. She has a very positive attitude and did a great job.

Reviewed on 01/28/2020 by Certified Resident

We enjoy living here very much. Our place is very modern, sleek, and has all the upgrades one could ask for in a home.

Reviewed on 01/27/2020 by Certified Resident

Jennifer was great. She showed us all the great amenities and answered all our questions that we had.

Reviewed on 01/26/2020 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 01/23/2020 by Certified Resident

I loved it. Just too pricey

Reviewed on 01/22/2020 by Certified Resident