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This property is by far the nicest in the area, the pictures does it no justice online! From the front door, I was in awe!

San Palmilla staff took iniciativa to address and fix concerns in a timely manner. Staff is friendly and provides great customer service. San Palmilla is a great clean friendly environment to leave in with great amenities.

Reviewed on 08/09/2023 by Anelise F.

I can’t stress this enough that I am happy with my choice of shopping around for a new place of residence, the team was very warm and welcoming to me inquiring about the opportunity and I highly recommended that, if you are looking for a new place to live you will be in very capable hands!!!

Reviewed on 07/02/2023 by Certified Resident

It's a very nice place to live, conveniently located and very well maintained.

Reviewed on 07/02/2023 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 06/27/2023 by Certified Resident

Jennifer and Kassandra have been so amazing to me. This was an easy choice picking this complex because of them!

Reviewed on 06/03/2023 by Certified Resident

San Palmillia is an excellent community. It is safe, clean and very responsive to the residents' needs. I have lived here for several years and plan to be he many more.

Reviewed on 05/31/2023 by Nathan M.

When the community was first built, I was the FedEx driver, and I always admired the community. Kassandra was very professional, explained everything thoroughly, and took me on a tour of the property. Needless to say, I was very impressed. I narrowed it down to 2 properties, and I pretty sure San Pamilla will be my next home.

Reviewed on 05/22/2023 by Certified Resident

The property was amazing. The leasing agent was extremely knowledgeable and informative.

Reviewed on 05/19/2023 by Certified Resident

safe and nice complex with professional staffs.

Reviewed on 05/09/2023 by Certified Resident

Excellent community to live, with an exceptional property staff always willing to listen, and help to the best of there knowledge. Maintenance workers always respecful and knowledgeable to give the best quality of work.

Reviewed on 05/02/2023 by Alicia A.

It is a beautiful community but it has a hotel feel not a home feel.

Reviewed on 04/30/2023 by Certified Resident

We think this would be a nice place to live. The staff was very friendly and very helpful.

Reviewed on 04/23/2023 by Certified Resident

We love calling this our home. It's the best

Reviewed on 03/30/2023 by Joshua C.

Great community, excellent staff, safe, very close to all the restaurants, shops and services you may need.

Reviewed on 03/28/2023 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a great place to live in.

Reviewed on 03/27/2023 by Uzoma O.

Perfect by all means

Reviewed on 03/24/2023 by Certified Resident

Overall, I can’t say enough amazing things about the management and staff at San Palmilla. The maintenance staff is quick and efficient. The apartments are quite lovely with upscale well kept amenities. Valet trash pick up is a cherished amenity. Someone is always cleaning something and great pride is taken in care of this property. I have seen management help out and clean windows. I’m quite impressed with the teamwork shown here. Everyone is happy as am I when I step out of my apt to workout in the gym or get some work done in the office. I feel as if I’m in a resort once I step out of my apt and head to the pool with gorgeous well kept cabanas. Thanks San Palmilla

Reviewed on 03/12/2023 by Eva A.

An absolutely fantastic apartment living.

Reviewed on 03/12/2023 by Certified Resident

On a Saturday called the office at 10 when they opened let Jennifer know we had a problem with the fridge not working within 1 hour maintenance came and fixed our problem. Talk about a turn around time but providing residents with great service ????

Reviewed on 03/03/2023 by Anelise F.

San Palmilla has been a great residence for me the past two years. They keep the property nice and up to date, they have great amenities, and I love the location. The property is well managed and the maintenance staff are always very responsive to my needs.

Reviewed on 02/13/2023 by Amanda W.

The young lady that we sat with was phenomenal! She is absolutely amazing and helped so much. The price was a bit to high to be so far away from the inner city so ultimately the cost was what made us not lease. We did find a 2 bed 1 bathroom for a lower cost in an amazing neighborhood closer to the city. This property is gorgeous, but not worth the price when we originally wanted a 1 bedroom. My job is located in Downtown so to drive from this property at this cost was not worth it

Reviewed on 02/12/2023 by Certified Resident

I feel so fortunate for the maintenance staff we have here @ San Palmilla. The guys are so courteous and friendly. I feel they always go above and beyond. Definitely a perk of living here. Great Job, keep up the good work!!! The Morgans

Reviewed on 02/04/2023 by Andrea M.

Anisha was excellent and super helpful with the tour and leasing information.

Reviewed on 02/03/2023 by Certified Resident

Everyone was lovely apartments were just as beautiful as when we previously lived here

Reviewed on 02/01/2023 by Certified Resident

Lovely place.

Reviewed on 01/31/2023 by Biai D.

Maintenance arrived, job done in a professional manner. It was a good experience.

Reviewed on 01/28/2023 by Certified Resident

I can’t imagine a better place to live than San Palmilla. It is the definition of a luxury apartment. The pool belongs in a resort, the staff is friendly and timely, the gym is huge, the community is safe, and so much more. I am always proud to say I live here!

Reviewed on 01/22/2023 by Alyssa B.

Great Leasing experience. Was able to tour the actual apartment we would be leasing.

Reviewed on 12/15/2022 by James R.

This property always responds quickly and handles any issue expeditiously and efficiently. I appreciate everyone on this team here at SP. because of this quality, friendliness and professionalism I receive, I am renewing my lease. Thanks so much. The property feels like a luxurious resort with luxury treatment from all staff!

Reviewed on 12/11/2022 by Eva A.

It's been almost two years since I retired, sold my home, and moved to San Palmilla.I was a little bit nervous about living in an apartment after being a home owner for over 30 years.. The staff at San Palmilla eased my mind then, and they continued to make me feel good about my decision.. All the staff is wonderful, but especially Kassandra. I can't say enough about her professionalism.??

Reviewed on 12/07/2022 by Dale D.

Great staff, beautiful apartments and amenities, awesome covered parking, and elevators to top it off, which made it easy for move in!

Reviewed on 11/29/2022 by Brandon T.

Excelente desde la atención de sus empleadas hasta lo exquisito del lugar

Reviewed on 11/29/2022 by Certified Resident

We love it here.

Reviewed on 11/26/2022 by Joshua C.

The location is very good. The noise levels are good. The apartment is very well laid out and appears easy to keep clean. Parking is very good and gate entry is well designed. I really have no important complaints about living here.

Reviewed on 11/19/2022 by Certified Resident

Overall a nice clean community

Reviewed on 11/16/2022 by Certified Resident

San Palmilla is a great place to call home! I’ve lived here over a year and have absolutely zero complaints. The office and maintenance staff are always there to assist if needed and the facility is beautifully maintained.

Reviewed on 11/11/2022 by Ronald R.

San Palmilla is managed by an amazing staff. It's really that nice!

Reviewed on 11/04/2022 by Andrea M.

So far this has been the best place I have lived. The staff has great communication, all the residents seem very happy, and the condition of the facilities is top notch.

Reviewed on 10/23/2022 by Michael H.

Excellent community with extremely professional and honest staff (Kassandra was super helpful, honest, professional, and answered all of my questions), but this property was outside of my budget. Unfortunate that there weren't any specials or deals going on and no ability to change the rates. But the community is clearly excellent, with very competent staff.

Reviewed on 10/05/2022 by Certified Resident