How to Meet People in Your New Neighborhood

You’ve recently moved to a new city or are in the process of moving to a new neighborhood. With moving comes many new experiences and challenges. And if you’re completely new to the city, you have a whole lot of adjusting and learning to do. Where do you find the best restaurants or coffee shops in the area? Or how do you know which attractions to visit, or most importantly, how do you meet people and make friends? 

Technology wise we are more connected than ever! We have apps and devices that do everything for us. Not sure where the nearest pharmacy or grocery store is? Just ask Siri or Alexa. Need to get something from the grocery store and don’t have time to go yourself? Just hire a Favor. While technology has its advantages, it has also caused us to be more disconnected as a society in terms of face-to-face human interaction. We have apps that will take care of everything for us. Almost to the point where you could never leave your home if you didn’t want to. 

One of the biggest challenges people face when moving to a new city is how to meet people and make friends. Especially when you’re in your adult years, it can be more challenging. The good news is that you’re not alone. There are lots of other people in your city looking for connection. 


Here are some ideas for where to find people and make new friends:

  1. Join a walking or bike tour of your city. Most major cities have free walking tours (based on donation) that take you through the highlights of the city. To find these, you can simply google “Atlanta Walking Tour” or you can look on or Airbnb Experiences. Going on a city tour is a great way to meet new people! Yes, a lot of them may be visiting from out of town, but you’re also sure to find some locals who join and learn a lot about your new city. 
  2. Find a Meetup. is a great place to find people who have similar interests as you. Whether you love to read and want to find a book club, or enjoy wine and want to discuss tannins, or you love to play volleyball or other sports, Meetup is a great place to meet new people who love what you love. 
  3. Go Church Hopping. If you’re looking to get plugged in with a spiritual community, take some time to visit local churches and see which is a fit for you. Most churches have welcome dinners for new members and activities for you to get plugged in and connected with others. 
  4. Join a Yoga or Fitness Studio. If you’re interested in fitness and love working out in a group setting, this can be a great way to meet people. Buy some passes on Classpass and try a variety of classes to see which you like most. And once you decide on one, become a member and start attending the same classes where you’ll meet other regular attendees. 
  5. Attend resident activities at your apartment community. Apartment communities often have monthly events and gatherings for you to get to know the onsite team and your neighbors! You’ll likely be fed and have a great opportunity to meet other neighbors within your community. 
  6. Visit local coffee shops. Whether you work from home or just like to get out of the apartment to work on your side hustle or read your latest book, visiting local coffee shops is a great way to connect with others. Don’t be afraid to interject in a conversation and introduce yourself. You’re bound to find people with similar interests and stories. 
  7. Get to know your local bartenders. First of all, if you never dine alone, set your anxiety aside and try it on! Find a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try and ask to be seated at the bar. Not only will you have the bartender to talk to, but you’re also bound to meet others in the neighborhood who frequent these places. 
  8. Attend Networking events. Whatever your industry, there’s typically a networking event catered to professionals like you. You can find events on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Meetup. This is a great way to connect professionally with others.
  9. Facebook Events. Not sure what to do this weekend? Go on Facebook and search local events in your area. From festivals to concerts, there are lots of events to spark your interest and get you out of your apartment to meet people. 
  10. Go to the Dog Park. If you have a furry friend, take them to your apartment community dog park and connect with other neighbors who have pets. Or find your local dog park and take your furry friend on an adventure. Dogs naturally attract to each other which then connects you to their owners. 


Try 2 or 3 of these activities and see how soon you make new friends! 

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