How to Earn and Save Extra Money

There are two kinds of spenders—the ones who count every penny and clip every coupon and the ones who pay no attention to what or how much they’re spending. Penny pinchers can sometimes be too rigid and obsessive when it comes to saving money and can sometimes miss out on spontaneity; while those who don’t pay attention to what they’re spending their money on can end up surprised when they see the number in their bank account or balance on their credit card. 

If you can find a balance among the two types, both your wallet and your adventurous side will be happy. Here are some practical tips that can help you keep or add extra money to your bank account. 

Refer a Resident to Your Community or Other Venterra Property

Did you know that Venterra has a Referral Rewards Program? Advertising sites and Google are great for researching apartments but speaking directly to someone who lives there has even more clout. Afterall, we are in the age where customer reviews and testimonials are more persuasive and weighted than firsthand experience or discussion with the community team. And what’s awesome about referring someone to a Venterra community is that it pays while you’re living there and even when you’ve moved out. While you’re living at a Venterra community, simply have your friend write your name down for Resident Referral when filling out an application for the apartment. What’s most unique about Venterra is that we pay out referrals even after you’ve moved out. You read that right. If you lived at a Venterra community and have moved out, you can still earn a referral fee. Simply have your friend list your name and when and where you were a resident. We’ll mail you a check in the mail once your friend has moved in!


Find Coupons online and with apps to save money on groceries and household essentials

Ibotta – This is a great app that gives you cash back on items you purchase at the store or online. Simply download the app, find your store, and see which items have coupons! Add the deals to your app and after you’ve made your purchases, you will take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app, scan your items, and cha-ching! Money will be deposited into your Ibotta account. When you’ve hit $20 or more, you can cash in for a direct PayPal deposit or for gift cards. And they have their own referral program, so you can earn money when friends sign up! Use this code to get your first $10. 

My Points – This is an online site where you can earn points just by shopping online. Simply add the extension to your browser and it will pop up and tell you when a site you’re on has points. You will also get targeted emails that have special deals and tell you how many points are available. Once you reach a certain level of points, you can cash them in for gift cards or airline miles. 

  • Airline Shopping Portals – Each airline alliance has its own shopping portal. These are great for earning air miles simply by shopping online. Like My Points, you can add the extension to your browser so you can be alerted when you’re on a site where you can earn points. For example, AA Advantage (American Airlines) will give you 4 points per dollar spent on when you log on to through the shopping portal or browser extension. Register for these common shopping portals – AA Advantage, Southwest, Delta, United Mileage Plus. 
  • Dining Rewards Program – Similar to the airline shopping portal, you can sign up for dining rewards programs through various airline and hotel sites. Simply sign up on each site and register a debit or credit card. Each time you dine at a qualifying restaurant, you’ll earn airline and hotel miles. Register for these common Dining Rewards Programs – AA Advantage, Southwest, Delta, United Mileage Plus, IHG. 

Start a Side Hustle 

There are countless ways to earn money these days on your own. If you’re employed, you depend on your employer to pay you and tell you what to do. While it’s great to have a steady paycheck, security, and benefits, creating your own way to make money on the side builds confidence and adds an additional security blanket for supplemental income, vacation funds, savings, etc. Get creative and make a list of your skills and what you enjoy doing; what lights you up or do you enjoy doing for fun? Or better yet, what is something that could be better improved? How can you make it better? Often times those lead to great profitable side hustles. Need some inspiration, listen to the Side Hustle School podcast which brings you a story every day in 10 minutes or less of someone who started a side hustle. 

Do a Financial Inventory 

While this is not a fun task to do, it is very insightful in assessing your spending habits. You can download help apps like Mint to get you started. Mint tracks your spending and provides weekly summaries so you can see where your money went during the week. You may think you don’t spend a lot on coffee or eating out, but you might be surprised! After doing the inventory see what you can limit or cut down on spending. And you may even find that you’re paying for subscriptions that you never use. Perhaps you signed up for a free trial for Audible or Spotify Premium, never used it, and forgot to cancel it! There’s probably something that you’re paying for monthly that you never use or ones that you can stand to lose. This exercise often ends with giving money back to you. 

Pick one of these activities and see how much you can save or gain back! And you can make a game out of it—set a goal and see how much you can save in a month! If you’re someone who is rigid with your spending, where can you let lose? Perhaps you’re already good at saving, but are you good at experience and leaving room for spontaneity? When you can create a balance of both saving and letting loose every now and then, you can find more fulfillment and freedom in your life. 

What are some of your favorite tips for earning extra points and money? 

How to Meet People in Your New Neighborhood

You’ve recently moved to a new city or are in the process of moving to a new neighborhood. With moving comes many new experiences and challenges. And if you’re completely new to the city, you have a whole lot of adjusting and learning to do. Where do you find the best restaurants or coffee shops in the area? Or how do you know which attractions to visit, or most importantly, how do you meet people and make friends? 

Technology wise we are more connected than ever! We have apps and devices that do everything for us. Not sure where the nearest pharmacy or grocery store is? Just ask Siri or Alexa. Need to get something from the grocery store and don’t have time to go yourself? Just hire a Favor. While technology has its advantages, it has also caused us to be more disconnected as a society in terms of face-to-face human interaction. We have apps that will take care of everything for us. Almost to the point where you could never leave your home if you didn’t want to. 

One of the biggest challenges people face when moving to a new city is how to meet people and make friends. Especially when you’re in your adult years, it can be more challenging. The good news is that you’re not alone. There are lots of other people in your city looking for connection. 


Here are some ideas for where to find people and make new friends:

  1. Join a walking or bike tour of your city. Most major cities have free walking tours (based on donation) that take you through the highlights of the city. To find these, you can simply google “Atlanta Walking Tour” or you can look on or Airbnb Experiences. Going on a city tour is a great way to meet new people! Yes, a lot of them may be visiting from out of town, but you’re also sure to find some locals who join and learn a lot about your new city. 
  2. Find a Meetup. is a great place to find people who have similar interests as you. Whether you love to read and want to find a book club, or enjoy wine and want to discuss tannins, or you love to play volleyball or other sports, Meetup is a great place to meet new people who love what you love. 
  3. Go Church Hopping. If you’re looking to get plugged in with a spiritual community, take some time to visit local churches and see which is a fit for you. Most churches have welcome dinners for new members and activities for you to get plugged in and connected with others. 
  4. Join a Yoga or Fitness Studio. If you’re interested in fitness and love working out in a group setting, this can be a great way to meet people. Buy some passes on Classpass and try a variety of classes to see which you like most. And once you decide on one, become a member and start attending the same classes where you’ll meet other regular attendees. 
  5. Attend resident activities at your apartment community. Apartment communities often have monthly events and gatherings for you to get to know the onsite team and your neighbors! You’ll likely be fed and have a great opportunity to meet other neighbors within your community. 
  6. Visit local coffee shops. Whether you work from home or just like to get out of the apartment to work on your side hustle or read your latest book, visiting local coffee shops is a great way to connect with others. Don’t be afraid to interject in a conversation and introduce yourself. You’re bound to find people with similar interests and stories. 
  7. Get to know your local bartenders. First of all, if you never dine alone, set your anxiety aside and try it on! Find a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try and ask to be seated at the bar. Not only will you have the bartender to talk to, but you’re also bound to meet others in the neighborhood who frequent these places. 
  8. Attend Networking events. Whatever your industry, there’s typically a networking event catered to professionals like you. You can find events on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Meetup. This is a great way to connect professionally with others.
  9. Facebook Events. Not sure what to do this weekend? Go on Facebook and search local events in your area. From festivals to concerts, there are lots of events to spark your interest and get you out of your apartment to meet people. 
  10. Go to the Dog Park. If you have a furry friend, take them to your apartment community dog park and connect with other neighbors who have pets. Or find your local dog park and take your furry friend on an adventure. Dogs naturally attract to each other which then connects you to their owners. 


Try 2 or 3 of these activities and see how soon you make new friends!