WOW Story: Starting On The Right Foot

Rocio Ferrera, Better Living Manager, Experience Maker
Valencia at Westchase, Tampa, FL
Employee since 2018


Sometimes our WOWs are inspired by literally thinking about being in the shoes of our renters. That’s just what happened in this WOW Story. Kyle, a resident at Valencia at Westchase, happened to come into the office and notify our team about a loose dog on the property and ended up chatting with Rocio, the Better Living Manager, about how excited he was about starting a new job. While Kyle spoke about how thrilled he was to help his mother with their bills, Rocio couldn’t help but notice the state of Kyle’s sandals — his feet were almost touching the pavement. As Kyle continued to speak about helping his mother and working two jobs, our team was secretly planning a way to WOW him with comfortable, new kicks to start his job on the right foot!

The Opportunity

Kyle had found a loose dog on the property and kindly called the office to see if we could help him find the owner. After our team met him in the leasing office and were waiting to hear back from a few residents that owned similar dogs, a lighthearted conversation started. During the discussion, Rocio, the BLM in the office, noticed Kyle’s sandals were extremely worn out, with the bottoms almost paper-thin. Kyle was busy explaining how excited he was to finally be able to work and help his mom with the bills. Kyle had just turned 18, graduated high school, and now had 2 jobs to help provide income for this family. Looking at Kyle’s shoes during their talk, Rocio immediately had a light bulb moment! And luckily in their conversation, he was able to get Kyle’s shoe size: a 14, Wide! Kyle even mentioned how difficult it was to find shoes that fit him (challenge accepted!), and also said he didn’t have much money left over after bills. Our team knew they wanted to get him a nice pair of sandals to enjoy for his days off, but also a comfortable pair of sneakers since he walks to work.

The Epiphany

Kyles New Shoes

Rocio brainstormed with the office staff to figure out a way to gift Kyle the shoes with both him and his mom in attendance, it was important that our team was able to share that moment with the both of them together! they knew getting them to the office to “sign a document” would create urgency, and they were right!

The Wow Moment

On the day of the gifting, the Valencia team told Kyle and his mother they had to come to the office to sign new paperwork for their lease, since he turned 18 and was now considered an adult. A few minutes later, they were in the office! Rocio presented Kyle with his gift and he was so confused! He asked why the Venterra team would do something like this for him and Rocio explained to him that it’s what we do — it’s a Venterra thing! We love to WOW our residents. Kyle was so excited for his new shoes, and they fit perfectly! Ms. Nadia was extremely grateful to our team for our attention to detail. The Valencia team frequently sees Kyle hanging around the community wearing his new shoes and it always brings a big smile to their faces.

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