Birthday Scavenger Surprise

Celebrated Employee: Tony Longoria
Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant
Shadowbrooke, Houston, TX

Employee Since 2018


I am so lucky to have Tony Longoria on my team, who is probably one of the nicest and most genuine guys here at Shadowbrooke. 

Tony is a  diehard football fan; he devotes every Sunday solely to watching football.

For his birthday this year, we WOW’d him with Texans tickets for a home game where limited tickets were being sold. But we made him work for those tickets! We sent him on a scavenger hunt, with the clues leading him to spots all over the property. Each clue was something related to the Texans, whether it be a whistle, face mask, t-shirt or foam finger. We had a blast putting this together! To top it off, it was the day before Halloween, so he was already dressed up as a zombie football player!

Tony was so shocked and thrilled when he found the tickets. He kept saying, “I’m going to a game, a real game, really?!” 


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