A Pandemic Proposal

Megan Montemayor, Better Living Consultant, Experience Maker
The Phoenix, Ft. Worth, TX
Employee since 2017

For those of us fortunate enough to have our health, the COVID pandemic certainly put a stop to many of our plans and goals this past year. And when the shelter in place orders were placed in March and April, many of us were wondering if we’d ever be able to venture out and act out our life plans. For Grant, that meant proposing to his girlfriend, Mallie, in front of family and friends. Thanks to Allison and Megan at the Phoenix, we were able to help Grant make his pandemic proposal a reality!

Grant had the plan to propose to his girlfriend, Mallie, during his own birthday party (that she was throwing) at their favorite brewery venue in April. Unfortunately, all of their celebration plans fell through as the COVID closures hit hard in Fort Worth. The date came and went as we were all instructed to shelter in place and quarantine was making it difficult to keep the ring a secret in their two-bedroom apartment.

Grant was still eager to propose, even if the original venue was not an option, so Megan and I got creative and jumped on the opportunity to help! After all, we love LOVE!

We had some tents and tables in storage and with a trip to the store, we were able set the scene in an isolated space on top of the parking garage, where the city sky-line could be in the background. Grant invited a few of their closest friends, and Megan used her leasing skills to set up a Microsoft Teams invite for the rest of their friends and family, so they could watch it live. It ended up being the perfect pandemic proposal! Mallie was so surprised and was still able to say ‘yes’ to the man of her dreams in their favorite city in front of their friends and family. We are so happy to have helped create a beautiful and memorable experience for our residents amongst all the COVID challenges.

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