Venterra Delivers 1 Millionth Resident Package!

What’s better than coming home to your apartment and having a new package to open? If you ask us, nothing! That’s why we’re so proud to have reached two package delivery milestones – installing our 50th SMARTPACKAGE locker system and safely delivering 1 million packages to our residents.

To celebrate, we gave a $500 Amazon gift card to the lucky resident who received the millionth package!

“Since having the SMARTPACKAGE lockers installed, our residents are now able to conveniently retrieve their deliveries without the limitations of the office hours. Before this amenity, we accepted and held packages in the leasing office, which limited our residents to either waiting until their schedules aligned with our hours, or having it delivered to their door, exposed. With the SMARTPACKAGE system, residents have an increased sense of safety and ease of use,” said Jo Canares, Community Manager at The Vinings in Stafford, TX.

The average American receives 21 packages over the course of the year – that’s almost two packages a month (no judgment). To add to that statistic, during the pandemic eCommerce sales increased by 25% with consumers spending more time at home than ever before and shopping from the convenience of their computers, phones, and tablets.

While witnessing online shopping and package deliveries soar over the past year, Venterra has been hard at work installing SMARTPACKAGE Parcel Pending contact-free package management systems to offer safer, easier ways for residents to retrieve their packages with a touch-less experience and no human interaction involved. Through SMARTPACKAGE, our residents no longer have to come to the leasing office to pick up their packages. They can simply scan a barcode or push a button on Parcel Pending’s mobile app to enable package pickup without even having to use the locker kiosk touchscreen.

Additionally, Venterra’s SMARTPACKAGE lockers offer several additional benefits for residents including:


In January of 2020,1.7 million stolen or lost packages were reported per day, leading to upwards of $25 million worth of items. When it comes to SMARTPACKAGE, there is maximum security with built-in cameras capturing each and every delivery and pick up. The package is secured in a specific lockbox until it is picked up by the resident, taking out the fear of porch pirates or someone getting the wrong package.

24/7 Access:

Long gone are the days of rushing home to get to the leasing office to grab your package before office hours are closed. Had a long day and the last thing you feel like doing is going to grab your package? Totally fine. The SMARTPACKAGE system provides residents 24/7 access, allowing them to pick up their packages on their own schedule.

Vacation Mode: 

When you’re going on vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about not being able to pick up the late package with the bathing suit you ordered being gone when you come back. Within the Parcel Pending App, residents can jot down out of town and return dates to avoid incurring storage fees after 2 days.

Customer Service:

Let’s say for some reason the door to the locker you need isn’t opening, or you find yourself needing to call customer service for some other reason, Parcel Pending provides access to the customer care team 24/7/365 via phone or email – so no need to worry!

Automatic Integration:

We are often asked how long the process will take to set up the locker system. Luckily, the process couldn’t be more hassle-free. Our residents are automatically set up through integration with Venterra’s property management system, making for a frictionless user experience.

Not only are these package systems convenient and useful for our residents, but they are also a design piece that we look forward to creating for our residents as well! Each SMARTPACKAGE system is customized to that specific property, using a design that best represents the city or community to provide a further sense of home for our residents.

Time is valuable – that is something we certainly understand. With the integration of SMARTPACKAGE, our residents and our staff get time back in their day. Packages are now rarely touched by a leasing agent, maintenance crew or any other Venterra Employee. That’s Parcel Pending’s promise: Courier to locker to customer. So now, you can spend more time relaxing at the pool and our staff can focus on creating a better living experience for you.

“The SMARTPACKAGE integrations have automated the last-mile delivery experiences at our communities. We have received positive feedback from our residents, who now are able to pick up their packages at their own convenience, and we look forward to further installing the SMARTPACKAGE systems across the rest of our portfolio,” said Venterra Chairman, Andrew Stewart. “By installing SMARTPACKAGE devices in 50 of our communities over the past year, we are able to meet our residents’ demand for quick and secure package delivery. We are confident in the systems’ ability to streamline the entire package and management process, providing a better experience for residents and package delivery companies alike,” added Venterra CEO, John Foresi.

Click here to find a community equipped with a SMARTPACKAGE locker in your desired location!

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