Celebrating Venterra’s Healthcare Heroes

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Venterra Realty, a property management company that owns and operates 60 apartment communities in the US, is home to over 5,000 Healthcare Heroes.  Whether a doctor, nurse, EMT or pharmacist, medical professionals have risen to the challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their contributions to keeping us safe have not gone unnoticed.  As we navigate the difficulties and stressors the pandemic has plunged upon us all, we are so grateful for the sacrifices Healthcare Heroes are making and, as an organization, we want to say Thank You!

To support medical professionals needing to move, we waived deposits for new leases with approved credit in June. Now, we are celebrating our current Venterra residents in the medical field by sharing their stories, providing residents with honorary “Health Care Hero” t-shirts, and offering over $50,000 in gift cards as our way of simply saying, Thank You.

photo of employee Joanna Online Reputation Specialist, Johnna Bacak said, “When we asked our residents to nominate a Healthcare Hero within their community, I never expected we would get over 500 submissions. Each nomination was full of intimate details about the Healthcare Hero, and I was humbled after reading each submission. I felt such a connection with them!”

According to Johnna, “Some of my favorite nominations were spouses nominating each other, expressing their love and gratitude.  One of my favorites is Juan, from Northbridge in Orlando, Florida, nominating his wife, Nicole.  He said, ‘Nicole an amazing and caring human being. She started her career as a medical assistant, and now she is pursuing her physician assistant masters. She is devoted to helping others and I am proud of her for that. She is passionate about her job, and it reflects in her personal life. I am proud to call her my wife.   She looks just as good in her scrubs as she did in her wedding dress.’”

Here are some of our other favorite stories.

Honoring Healthcare Hero Maria- blue square with text
Healthcare Hero Alex- blue box with text
Blue box with text- Gizelle, a healthcare hero
Kelsey, a healthcare hero in St. Joseph's- blue box with text

Paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors, hospice caretakers: we are so privileged that these Healthcare Heroes call our communities home and we are honored to surprise them with special Healthcare Hero t-shirts and gift cards!  Check out some of their pictures below.


Looking for a way to thank the medical professionals in your community? Here are some great ideas to consider! 

Looking for a great place to live amongst heroes? Visit us at Venterraliving.com. 

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