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We are so excited to live in the area!

The District is a modern, stylish community tucked away in a quiet corner of Orlando's Attractions district. One block over is the bustle and excitement of International Drive, three miles down is Universal Orlando Resort, three miles up is SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World is five miles down the Interstate. Yet, the area just around the District is calm, quiet and exemplifies natural Florida beauty.

Reviewed on 07/01/2019 by Austin V.

I liked lots of aspects of the community, but hallways felt a bit stuffy, and the prices were a bit higher than equivalent apartments at other communities in the area.

Reviewed on 06/29/2019 by Certified Resident

Stephanie was great. Bikes offerings and storage is great. Attention to details in apartment is poor. Counter top and caulking and woodwork is poorly done in both kitchen and bathrooms.

Reviewed on 06/28/2019 by Certified Resident

Only problem I had was with Bill pay. I had to talk with the office in order to have what I owe in bill pay match my final statement.

Reviewed on 06/23/2019 by Certified Resident

Great Location! Beautiful pool, love the PARKING GARAGE!!!! Close to EVERYTHING!!!

Reviewed on 06/20/2019 by Ryan W.

It's in a very good location with great pool and outside areas. Walgreens and publix are very close and it makes it convenient.

Reviewed on 06/14/2019 by Rafael D.

Convenience is key living here in Orlando. We are no more than 20 minutes away from any main attractions, as well as having shopping centers a short distance away. Couldnt ask for anything more.

Reviewed on 06/09/2019 by Mercedes B.

community was great

Reviewed on 06/08/2019 by Certified Resident

Nice place overall. Management needs to tighten up a few things mentioned previously. The little things keep the property from being an "A"

Reviewed on 06/03/2019 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 06/03/2019 by Certified Resident

The community is beautiful and my roommate and I are excited to move in next month!

Reviewed on 06/03/2019 by Certified Resident

We absolutely loved this place! Its beautiful, clean, and the staff is so friendly and competent. If we had not had previous arrangements my roommate and myself would have rented here. We still plan on doing so next year. We loved this place! Stephanie was the best

Reviewed on 05/25/2019 by Certified Resident

Excellent service from Stephanie Rodriguez

Reviewed on 05/25/2019 by Certified Resident

I love living here. Its close to everything, the apartments and grounds are well kept, and the staff are super friendly.

Reviewed on 05/25/2019 by Certified Resident

We've been here for over five years and we love it!

Reviewed on 05/24/2019 by Joel M.

Beautiful place. Very excited to get moved in

Reviewed on 05/21/2019 by Certified Resident

Great place to live! Nice apartment!

Reviewed on 05/20/2019 by Certified Resident

Great place to live, very attentive staff

Reviewed on 05/15/2019 by Certified Resident

The community was beautiful and had amazing amenities, by the end of my tour I was completely sold.

Reviewed on 05/10/2019 by Certified Resident

Hallways smelled from trash that was set out. The time of visit was 5:00 pm. Trash should have been picked up by then.

Reviewed on 05/03/2019 by Certified Resident

Seems pretty nice from what I saw on the tour

Reviewed on 05/02/2019 by Certified Resident

Amazing complex! Management is prompt and understanding of issues! Best apartment Ive lived at in Orlando!

Reviewed on 05/01/2019 by Jasmine C.

Great area, great community, great staff and amenities. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Reviewed on 04/27/2019 by Certified Resident

The complex is in a great location. I love the pool and fitness center and love having Walgreens right downstairs. The apartment itself is high quality. I dont like that they predatorily tow cars instead of working with residents and how they charge residents to hold their packages if they are on a trip. Also, they say they have coffee but rarely is there any.

Reviewed on 04/26/2019 by Certified Resident

Mudarse en District es continuar en casa

Reviewed on 04/22/2019 by Ruben G.


Reviewed on 04/22/2019 by Certified Resident

Such a great community at first impressions. Though pricing is a bit high, the amenities sell themself. They were enough before even seeing the apartment to really help guide my decision making.

Reviewed on 04/13/2019 by Certified Resident

Amanda is a great representative for your complex! I hope living at The District is as great as the rental process!

Reviewed on 04/09/2019 by Certified Resident

The maintenance department and staff are always friendly and always there to help you with whatever you need great place to live beautiful apartment

Reviewed on 04/04/2019 by Richard Z.

Jen did a fantastic job showing me around the community! She was very thorough and answered all my questions without hesitation :) I'm very excited to join the District community!

Reviewed on 04/01/2019 by Certified Resident

Really liked the place. Is number 1 on my places to rent.

Reviewed on 03/25/2019 by Certified Resident

Beautiful, clean apartments with nice outdoor area, convenient gated parking garage, and in a great location!

Reviewed on 03/24/2019 by Certified Resident

Love apartment my experience here been very enjoyable

Reviewed on 03/23/2019 by Alana E.


Reviewed on 03/15/2019 by Certified Resident

Excellent, efficient staff, very courteous !!!

Reviewed on 03/14/2019 by Certified Resident

The District is amazing. We were so concerned about finding a place to live having moved from all the way across the country. We visited The District first and all the other apartment complexes we looked at could not compare. It's close to everything and we feel very safe walking our dogs at night. Plus, they allowed all our fur-family members while other complexes max out at 2 pets. We wanted to buy a house when we moved out here but we love this place so much we're reconsidering renting for a long while!

Reviewed on 03/12/2019 by Charles R.

We love The District. It's location is great, the gym & pool are awesome.

Reviewed on 03/11/2019 by Certified Resident

Great location, modern amenities I didn't expect to find in Orlando.

Reviewed on 03/09/2019 by Jason S.

Feels like home. Very nice community feel.

Reviewed on 03/06/2019 by Certified Resident

Love it

Reviewed on 03/05/2019 by Certified Resident

The District has been a great place for me and my family to live during our transition to Orlando. The staff are very courteous and have quickly addressed any concerns we have had. The apartment amenities are excellent and definitely superior. Its like much can be done here onsite from entertainment and business purposes. So far so good for me and my family. Thanks to the staff at The District for making our transition so smooth and a pleasant one.

Reviewed on 03/05/2019 by Sondra C.

Great place

Reviewed on 02/28/2019 by Robert T.

The district is our first time renting and I feel that we are spoiled! The location, the amenities, the staff, the convince, we are happy to pay to live here. We havent found another apartment complex that bets this one. I highly recommend the district.

Reviewed on 02/25/2019 by Deandra P.

The District apartments its management and maintenance staff are very friendly and very courteous if you make a request they come and take care of it

Reviewed on 02/16/2019 by Richard Z.

Great place

Reviewed on 02/14/2019 by Certified Resident

Keep up with the good work

Reviewed on 02/07/2019 by Certified Resident

Me gustaia ver mas limpio el parqueadero y las zonas comunes como los pasillos, siempre se ven muy sucias

Reviewed on 02/01/2019 by Certified Resident

Beautiful apartment

Reviewed on 01/27/2019 by Certified Resident

I absolutely love The District! The amenities and the staff are amazing. The units are stunning and all of my neighbors are so nice.

Reviewed on 01/24/2019 by Brittany C.

Rachel is absolutely be best! She welcomed us with opened arms and had a great personality! She was warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Rachel took her time with us and made our experience ABOVE AVERAGE! We would defiantly rate Rachels service as the best weve experienced on my search for a new home. Staff like Rachel makes our choice much easier. Weve visited tons of apartments over the past 3 weeks and everything about The District is what we are looking for. This is the first community weve visited that made a full circle for our lives. All of the is were dotted and all the ts were crossed, leaving no details missing. I am very pleased with The District and everything it has to offer! P.S. Keep staff around like Rachel she is absolutely the best!

Reviewed on 01/24/2019 by Certified Resident

We really liked The District but we decided for another community because it is cheaper and closer to my daughter school.

Reviewed on 01/10/2019 by Certified Resident

I have lived at the District for 3 years now and I must say the layout of the apartment is very nice. I love the space of the rooms for the 2 bedrooms and maintenance has always been very attentive. However, office communication is lacking. I was told wrong information, challenged on verbal agreements, and several attempts to solve an issue.

Reviewed on 01/07/2019 by Certified Resident

Leasing consultant Stephanie was very informative , helpful, gracious and kind. The District is on the very top of my rental options.

Reviewed on 12/28/2018 by Certified Resident

Leasing agent was nice

Reviewed on 12/11/2018 by Certified Resident

Maintenance does a great job upkeeping the old appliances that Venterra chooses to keep in their modern priced apartments.

Reviewed on 12/06/2018 by Certified Resident

I still haven't been paid the money that is due to me.

Reviewed on 12/05/2018 by Certified Resident

Seems beautiful and friendly!

Reviewed on 12/03/2018 by Certified Resident

Lovely apartments, fantastic location & great staff.

Reviewed on 12/03/2018 by Certified Resident

The District sits in a prime location in Orlando, it's apartments match it's prime location with prime living spaces!

Reviewed on 11/30/2018 by Jerrod W.


Reviewed on 11/27/2018 by Certified Resident

Everyone from the leasing office to the maintenance department are always professional at everything they do the maintenance department is always quick to respond and fix whatever issue you may have I love living here

Reviewed on 11/23/2018 by Richard Z.

In love with everything about it

Reviewed on 11/20/2018 by Certified Resident

Your associate was wonderful

Reviewed on 11/17/2018 by Certified Resident

Everything was great. Rachel was wonderful. Very informative and detailed with all. Also, attentive to my needs. Cant wait to be a part of the community

Reviewed on 11/15/2018 by Certified Resident

Wonderful Beautiful Place to live in South Orlando. Highly Highly recommend this Venterrra Property to live!!!

Reviewed on 11/07/2018 by Certified Resident

I loved it, especially the high ceilings!

Reviewed on 11/02/2018 by Certified Resident

I would recommend this place to friends.

Reviewed on 10/31/2018 by Certified Resident

while trying to complete the application system online there were so many problems. The staff had no consideration for the working people. I lost money as a result. Once you apply and they charge you fee's you WILL NOT get your money back. It was awful. Had to keep looking and pay more money for fee's.

Reviewed on 10/29/2018 by Certified Resident

I have the best experience to live in the District . The managment and stuff are gorgeous, they take care about everything. Thank you guys! It is so clean everywhere. I love the pool area, you can enjoy it any time and it is really quiet over there. And I like the garage , I know that my car is really safe, even in a hurricane . 5 stars and recommend for everybody

Reviewed on 10/26/2018 by Viktoriia H.

Very nice community just not the perfect fit for us.

Reviewed on 10/23/2018 by Certified Resident

Our desicion was made because of Rachel. She treated us like we mean something to The District Community and welcome us even as our first visit. We are a military family that has moved so many times and I have never been treated how Rachel did. She was amazing from Greeting all the way to show us apartments that could accommodate our needs. I cant said enough how good she was to and again because of her we stopped the search right after we visit the community.

Reviewed on 10/17/2018 by Certified Resident

Jen, my leasing agent, was very professional and helpful with my inquiries. She answered all my questions as she was knowledgeable of the premises and the surrounding neighborhood.

Reviewed on 10/16/2018 by Certified Resident

I have been living at the District for one month and absolutely love my apartment and the District amenities. The staff were extremely helpful during my moving process from application to handing over my keys it was a smooth transition. I have had no issues finding spots to park or with loud noises and I feel really safe here. I would highly recommend the District for your next home.

Reviewed on 10/12/2018 by Rhonika J.

Rachel was very nice and answered all our questions easily. She made us feel at home and not pressured.

Reviewed on 10/12/2018 by Certified Resident

I love my apartment but the building hallways sometimes are dirty, dog pee all over the floors, trash bins with too many bags or with bags on days theyre not picking up the trash. The people responsable for theses issues should get a penalty fee

Reviewed on 10/09/2018 by Certified Resident

Looks like a prison inside. does not make the people fell welcomed.

Reviewed on 10/04/2018 by Certified Resident

Rachel was great! Very helpful!

Reviewed on 10/02/2018 by Certified Resident

I only wished I could have viewed the apt

Reviewed on 10/02/2018 by Certified Resident

Always friendly staff and maintenance people are amazing

Reviewed on 09/30/2018 by Richard Z.

Property was very clean.

Reviewed on 09/29/2018 by Certified Resident

Very interested in leasing at the district. Wonderful staff as well! Jen was a great help!

Reviewed on 09/28/2018 by Certified Resident

Just a bit over my budget

Reviewed on 09/27/2018 by Certified Resident

Jen is awesome!!

Reviewed on 09/26/2018 by Certified Resident

Very nice apartment complex. Jen was very informative and friendly! was able to answer all questions I had today.

Reviewed on 09/25/2018 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 09/24/2018 by Yolimar M.

Customer service very professional

Reviewed on 09/24/2018 by Certified Resident

Im very thankful to Amanda and Rachel for being so attentive and efficient.

Reviewed on 09/21/2018 by Certified Resident

The apartments are really nice and so are all the things included. The office staff lady was very friendly. Showed me around and answered all my questions.

Reviewed on 09/20/2018 by Certified Resident

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