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Great facility, love the location, easy access to major highways, airport, convention center etc...greeted by Stephanie Rodriguez, very knowledgeable and friendly.

What a breeze Stephanie kept me up to date on all requirements

Reviewed on 02/17/2020 by Certified Resident

This place is not what it used to be. Rent has gone up and quality has drastically gone down. The employees at the front desk are only concerned with getting new residents, once you're in, there's no concern about the current residents.

Reviewed on 02/15/2020 by Certified Resident

Everything was great. Jen was really nice to ya and helpful, an amazing tour guide. We cannot wait to move in, it looks like it will be an amazing experience.

Reviewed on 02/05/2020 by Certified Resident

This place is very convenient to everything and very clean. Walgreens is below me and its just like my kitchen and I love it!

Reviewed on 02/02/2020 by Joan S.

Excellent staff

Reviewed on 01/30/2020 by Certified Resident

Overall I love The District at Universal. The staff are very helpful and truly try and make you feel like you are at home. Any issues we have had have been resolved quickly or at least acknowledged fast. We love it here, hope it will be our he for years to come.

Reviewed on 01/30/2020 by Lucy E.

I would not advise anyone to move in here

Reviewed on 01/18/2020 by Troy S.

Great place to live in and the location provides quick access to any destination. Superb staff and maintenance!

Reviewed on 01/13/2020 by Rosanna R.

Emely was wonderful. She is an asset to the onsite management staff and made the tour experience very professional and enjoyable!

Reviewed on 01/10/2020 by Certified Resident

there was a very bad smell in the hallways; trash piled up everywhere; apartment is not inviting; rented somewhere else

Reviewed on 01/06/2020 by Certified Resident

The District Apartments are gorgeous and well-maintained. I was surprised at how many wonderful things are offered. From free bikes, to the lovely pool area, to the 2-story work out room, I absolutely fell in love with everything.

Reviewed on 01/05/2020 by Certified Resident

Jen was great! Also loved the fitness center and proximity to I-Drive, John Young, & I-4.

Reviewed on 01/05/2020 by Certified Resident

Gorgeous and well maintained, very busy staff in the office

Reviewed on 01/05/2020 by Certified Resident

It seems like a very great community and I cant wait to move in

Reviewed on 01/04/2020 by Certified Resident

I love it very clean and good area

Reviewed on 12/28/2019 by Certified Resident

Community Manager was extremely rude!

Reviewed on 12/21/2019 by Certified Resident

The District Apartments is a top-notch community. The leasing office team and maintenance team does everything they can to keep this community beautiful and keep the residents happy. We are more than satisfied with our new apartment.

Reviewed on 12/20/2019 by Michael N.

Jorge is a great maintenance man he has answered all request with a breast smile for the 3 years Ive lived here

Reviewed on 12/18/2019 by Brandee P.

My maintenance requests are always taken care of in a timely manner and completed in one visit!

Reviewed on 12/13/2019 by Ellen E.

Muy buena impresion. Sin embargo nos pareció un poco alto el precio mensual por el apartamento. Estamos viendo otras opciones. Saludos

Reviewed on 12/12/2019 by Certified Resident

Everyone at The District is fantastic. Whatever weve had a maintenance issue, theyve been right on top of it and took care of it. Theyre friendly, theyre efficient, and I would recommend this place to anybody at all.

Reviewed on 12/08/2019 by John S.

Conveniently located in an wonderful area experiencing rapid growth, the community as being one of the first in the master planned development, is appealing and welcoming. Venterra in The District is not just for the young, hip at heart, the community is quite the gem! Amenities are in abundance and I could definitely see my friends and family enjoying the plethora of offerings. Dining, shops, entertainment and night life is just a step away from the door! ..and that is definitely an asset in scheme of "things." ~especially the Pharmacy the "show girl" so wonderfully pointed out on the corner in The District. You may want to mention that is probably not appealing to communicate to most guests who may be considering the community. :)~ YAY!!! I'd still live there 8/

Reviewed on 09/30/2019 by Certified Resident

I did not like having to cross the street to use the pool and gym. I liked the flooring on the ground floor units

Reviewed on 09/29/2019 by Certified Resident

Overall, we are satisfied with the community; however, the trash in the hallway reeks on Wednesdays and Sundays when there is no trash pickup. A lot of people still put trash in hallways. Fourth floor hallways are not ventilated - stuffy and stinks in hallways.

Reviewed on 08/05/2019 by Certified Resident

I have heard a lot about your community from colleagues of mine, so decided to check it out as Im in the market for an apartment. Rachel, the very nice woman who showed me around, was fantastic and had answers to all my questions and then some. She has me convinced that The District could be my next home in Orlando, however I have a few other things to consider before making it official. A beautiful community in a convenient location with wonderful staff.

Reviewed on 08/01/2019 by Certified Resident

Clean and efficient

Reviewed on 08/01/2019 by Yolimar M.

We are so excited to live in the area!

Reviewed on 07/16/2019 by Certified Resident

The District is a modern, stylish community tucked away in a quiet corner of Orlando's Attractions district. One block over is the bustle and excitement of International Drive, three miles down is Universal Orlando Resort, three miles up is SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World is five miles down the Interstate. Yet, the area just around the District is calm, quiet and exemplifies natural Florida beauty.

Reviewed on 07/01/2019 by Austin V.

I liked lots of aspects of the community, but hallways felt a bit stuffy, and the prices were a bit higher than equivalent apartments at other communities in the area.

Reviewed on 06/29/2019 by Certified Resident

Stephanie was great. Bikes offerings and storage is great. Attention to details in apartment is poor. Counter top and caulking and woodwork is poorly done in both kitchen and bathrooms.

Reviewed on 06/28/2019 by Certified Resident

Only problem I had was with Bill pay. I had to talk with the office in order to have what I owe in bill pay match my final statement.

Reviewed on 06/23/2019 by Certified Resident

Great Location! Beautiful pool, love the PARKING GARAGE!!!! Close to EVERYTHING!!!

Reviewed on 06/20/2019 by Ryan W.

It's in a very good location with great pool and outside areas. Walgreens and publix are very close and it makes it convenient.

Reviewed on 06/14/2019 by Rafael D.

Convenience is key living here in Orlando. We are no more than 20 minutes away from any main attractions, as well as having shopping centers a short distance away. Couldnt ask for anything more.

Reviewed on 06/09/2019 by Mercedes B.

community was great

Reviewed on 06/08/2019 by Certified Resident

Nice place overall. Management needs to tighten up a few things mentioned previously. The little things keep the property from being an "A"

Reviewed on 06/03/2019 by Certified Resident


Reviewed on 06/03/2019 by Certified Resident

The community is beautiful and my roommate and I are excited to move in next month!

Reviewed on 06/03/2019 by Certified Resident

We absolutely loved this place! Its beautiful, clean, and the staff is so friendly and competent. If we had not had previous arrangements my roommate and myself would have rented here. We still plan on doing so next year. We loved this place! Stephanie was the best

Reviewed on 05/25/2019 by Certified Resident

Excellent service from Stephanie Rodriguez

Reviewed on 05/25/2019 by Certified Resident

I love living here. Its close to everything, the apartments and grounds are well kept, and the staff are super friendly.

Reviewed on 05/25/2019 by Certified Resident

We've been here for over five years and we love it!

Reviewed on 05/24/2019 by Joel M.

Beautiful place. Very excited to get moved in

Reviewed on 05/21/2019 by Certified Resident

Great place to live! Nice apartment!

Reviewed on 05/20/2019 by Certified Resident

Great place to live, very attentive staff

Reviewed on 05/15/2019 by Certified Resident

The community was beautiful and had amazing amenities, by the end of my tour I was completely sold.

Reviewed on 05/10/2019 by Certified Resident

Hallways smelled from trash that was set out. The time of visit was 5:00 pm. Trash should have been picked up by then.

Reviewed on 05/03/2019 by Certified Resident

Seems pretty nice from what I saw on the tour

Reviewed on 05/02/2019 by Certified Resident

Amazing complex! Management is prompt and understanding of issues! Best apartment Ive lived at in Orlando!

Reviewed on 05/01/2019 by Jasmine C.

Great area, great community, great staff and amenities. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Reviewed on 04/27/2019 by Certified Resident

The complex is in a great location. I love the pool and fitness center and love having Walgreens right downstairs. The apartment itself is high quality. I dont like that they predatorily tow cars instead of working with residents and how they charge residents to hold their packages if they are on a trip. Also, they say they have coffee but rarely is there any.

Reviewed on 04/26/2019 by Certified Resident

Mudarse en District es continuar en casa

Reviewed on 04/22/2019 by Ruben G.


Reviewed on 04/22/2019 by Certified Resident

Such a great community at first impressions. Though pricing is a bit high, the amenities sell themself. They were enough before even seeing the apartment to really help guide my decision making.

Reviewed on 04/13/2019 by Certified Resident

Amanda is a great representative for your complex! I hope living at The District is as great as the rental process!

Reviewed on 04/09/2019 by Certified Resident

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