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The staff has been pleasant.

Great management and maintenance

Reviewed on 08/08/2022 by Robert S.

The riverbend staff are very friendly and I enjoy them and their events.

Reviewed on 08/08/2022 by Ashley M.

The community was nice, and our tour guide, Christian, was great.

Reviewed on 07/26/2022 by Certified Resident

Absolutely excellent impression and my husband and I are looking forward to moving in! Darlene was absolutely wonderful as well as the rest of the staff I met, and the property is clearly well maintained and looked after. I appreciate that there are a variety of floor plans to choose from and I like that it's a small community. Everything was very neat and clean and I love that there are smart home integrations. The team's interactions with the prospects that came in and current residents were great--very friendly and welcoming. They knew all the residents' names and asked after friends/family and the overall environment was incredibly welcoming and home-y.

Reviewed on 07/25/2022 by Certified Resident

Christian was very helpful, friendly and pleasant! Enjoyed our tour with him!

Reviewed on 07/25/2022 by Certified Resident

It’s been a few days.. so far so good

Reviewed on 07/25/2022 by Certified Resident

Keisha was great on the walkthru and the complex was very nice and clean.

Reviewed on 07/20/2022 by Certified Resident

Very welcoming and feels like home already

Reviewed on 07/18/2022 by Certified Resident

Christian was of great help. Very kind and knowledgeable.

Reviewed on 07/18/2022 by Certified Resident

Looks well kept. Community seems to be quiet

Reviewed on 07/15/2022 by Certified Resident

I had the most enjoyable experience walking into Riverbend office, Christian was the most attentive and friendly staff! I must say he only sold the property and apartment for me. I haven’t made my decision of move in,, when I do though I’m going with Riverbend! Please keep Christian Grace on staff! He is amazing!

Reviewed on 07/15/2022 by Certified Resident

Christian is amazing and super helpful!

Reviewed on 07/12/2022 by Certified Resident

Great management

Reviewed on 07/06/2022 by Robert S.

The Riverbend team sets high daily standards for themselves, the community and most importantly serving the residents. So happy to be here!

Reviewed on 07/02/2022 by Victoria G.

Christian did an excellent job at explaining everything, very detailed.

Reviewed on 06/21/2022 by Certified Resident

Our leasing agent, Christian, was very friendly and welcoming as well as thorough in our tour of the facilities.

Reviewed on 06/19/2022 by Certified Resident

Excellent Office & Maintenance Staff.

Reviewed on 06/18/2022 by Certified Resident

Riverbend has been a great community so far. The staff are all helpful and friendly, the upgraded units are very nice, and maintenance has been taken care of in a timely manner.

Reviewed on 06/08/2022 by Certified Resident

Love this community!!

Reviewed on 06/07/2022 by Certified Resident

Great Management

Reviewed on 06/06/2022 by Robert S.

After almost a year, I am very satisfied with my experience at Riverbend! The office staff has high standards for themselves and the community. Excellent place to live.

Reviewed on 06/02/2022 by Cadence C.

Overall it's a great community

Reviewed on 06/02/2022 by Certified Resident

Very good.

Reviewed on 05/15/2022 by Certified Resident

Moved in almost a week ago and the staff has been amazing to work with this far! Christian & Alesha are so friendly and professional. We are so glad we chose this complex!

Reviewed on 05/12/2022 by Christina H.

christian was very helpful!

Reviewed on 05/10/2022 by Certified Resident

Christian was fantastic went above and beyond to help us

Reviewed on 05/10/2022 by Certified Resident

Christian was very helpful and made our application process very smooth. Great customer service!

Reviewed on 04/11/2022 by Certified Resident

It is a very nice place to live.

Reviewed on 03/27/2022 by Certified Resident

Riverbend is the place to live. We love it here, as the management and maintenance team are second to none. Being disabled, they always check on us to see if we need anything. Darlene is the best property manager we have ever had, and we love all of the staff. Keisha is always there to help as well. We don’t want to lose any of them.

Reviewed on 03/17/2022 by Sherman A.

Excellent place to live, been here since 2017 and I love the community. Very quiet and no issues with unwanted visitors. I feel it's a very safe place to live. Friendly office staff and always wanting to help with any issues that come up.

Reviewed on 03/11/2022 by Kathy C.

From the first moment I passed through the doors of the office I was impressed. I was well pleased with one of the apartments that I was shown but decided to move in with my daughter.

Reviewed on 02/16/2022 by Certified Resident

I unfortunately cannot rent at this time, but do plan on leasing here in the next few months!

Reviewed on 02/14/2022 by Certified Resident

these apartments are awesome! great staff!

Reviewed on 01/30/2022 by Certified Resident

Very nice.

Reviewed on 01/28/2022 by Certified Resident

Too good too be true

Reviewed on 01/19/2022 by Certified Resident

Maintenance is great, very responsive! The people at the front office have always been extremely friendly and welcoming. I truly do love living here.

Reviewed on 01/18/2022 by Certified Resident

The staff is always ready to help and get your concerns answered in a professional and consensus way, great team.

Reviewed on 01/17/2022 by Certified Resident

Everything was more than I expected, loved the area, loved the community!! Overall very satisfied!

Reviewed on 01/11/2022 by Certified Resident

The community seems like a great place to live

Reviewed on 01/09/2022 by Certified Resident

We enjoyed touring the apartments. Staff was very helpful and friendly and we are considering this as one of our top options!

Reviewed on 01/05/2022 by Certified Resident

Great customer service and ability to answe all of our questions

Reviewed on 01/02/2022 by Jennifer C.

Darlene was amazing! She was so inviting and great to work with. I hadnt seen many apartments and maybe I should of but Darlene made me feel confident that this was the perfect community for me and the right choice.

Reviewed on 12/30/2021 by Certified Resident

We have loved living at Riverbend. It is quiet, safe and well maintained. The office and maintenance staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

Reviewed on 12/13/2021 by Certified Resident

Great place to live!!!

Reviewed on 12/08/2021 by Certified Resident

Management is very helpful & quick to solve any issues. Seeing lots of new improvements with new management and staff.

Reviewed on 12/06/2021 by Robert S.

I love the place, cant wait to move in !

Reviewed on 12/03/2021 by Certified Resident

Excellent community

Reviewed on 11/29/2021 by Certified Resident

I had the best experience

Reviewed on 11/28/2021 by Certified Resident

Love this community. Staff and maintenance are great. Always take care of any concerns we may have.

Reviewed on 11/15/2021 by Deborah R.

I really like living at Riverbend. The property is well kept, the staff are very nice and I feel safe here. I renewed my lease for another year.

Reviewed on 11/14/2021 by Audrey H.

It is a great area & for an apartment in a popular area, its decently priced & the apartments are big enough to feel like an actual home!

Reviewed on 10/28/2021 by Kayla K.