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I love living at Park 9! Its an affordable community which is great for college students like myself. The staff and maintenance goes above and beyond!

Very nice and quite apartments awesome for college students

Reviewed on 12/08/2018 by Jacob T.

Very nice and super helpful staff

Reviewed on 12/07/2018 by Certified Resident

Park 9 is a great community to raise a family. Great amenities, friendly, professional and knowledgeable office personnel, many opportunities for social interaction and mingling among community members. Proximity to educational, commercial and financial institutions is within very close proximity. I love this community.

Reviewed on 12/06/2018 by Certified Resident

I like the peace, quiet, and friendly staff.

Reviewed on 11/25/2018 by Certified Resident

Park 9 is a great community

Reviewed on 11/14/2018 by Nilsa m.

My roommates and I love living here; the office staff and maintenance are amazing and the rent is the best deal we found when looking for a place that was close to UCF

Reviewed on 11/09/2018 by Nadiya F.

Our tour guide was great. I forget her name, but she had great silver nails

Reviewed on 11/09/2018 by Certified Resident

A great place to live.

Reviewed on 11/06/2018 by Certified Resident

I look forward to moving in.

Reviewed on 10/17/2018 by Certified Resident

Louis and all of the Park 9 maintenance has been great when Ive needed things taken care of

Reviewed on 10/04/2018 by Scott W.

The lack of parking and super high reservation fee made me reconsider living here

Reviewed on 10/04/2018 by Certified Resident

Awesome LS

Reviewed on 10/02/2018 by Lucas S.

Park 9 is a quiet, secure, cozy, comfortable and activity driven community. The recreational services (kiddy playground, picnic and grilling area and pool) are second to none. These are are usually well cleaned and inviting. The gym - 'wow' - I can enough of it. The reception staff does a superb job. They are always ready to attend to your request. Who could ask for more social events? At least two social events are executed each month and members of the community gets the opportunity to know each other better. The apartment is also located in close proximity to many schools, businesses and commercial spaces. My family and I have had a great first month here and I look forward to many others to come. Park 9 is certainly the place to call home.

Reviewed on 09/30/2018 by Aria H.

I love livin here! Melody made my entire experience from visiting to moving in amazing. Everyone in the office is so kind and welcoming. Its like Ive been living here forever!

Reviewed on 09/29/2018 by Michelle H.

This neighborhood is very clean neighbors are quiet

Reviewed on 09/29/2018 by Certified Resident

The move out fees are ridiculous. $15 per room for carpet damage? It wasnt even clean when I moved in in the first place. It was stained and not in good condition. When I inquired they said that this is a standard charge for any move out.

Reviewed on 09/20/2018 by Certified Resident

Park 9 is a great complex, cheap and affordable. It's quite during the day which is really good. The staff host frequent events which differ from movies to food trucks at the club house. Not a lot of guests spots unfortunately.

Reviewed on 09/18/2018 by Certified Resident

They tried to over charge us for bullshit but they were wrong and just made us go through a whole process and Jessica threatened to call the cops on a short 20 year old girl lmfao

Reviewed on 09/18/2018 by Certified Resident

Overcharged for everything, and had to pretty much wrestle them to get our money back

Reviewed on 09/18/2018 by Certified Resident

Very nice!

Reviewed on 09/14/2018 by Certified Resident

Park Nine is the first apartment complex I have ever lived in. I have been here since October 2017 and have already renewed the lease for another 13 months for 2018, and 2019. The staff at Park Nine are a group of Unique, charming, individuals. Each, stylish in their own way, and really know how to make you feel at home! I could write something guienly nice about each & everyone of the team members at Park Nine. From the leasing office, maintenance, the landscapers, even the trash workers...they are all friendly and respectful employees. I really enjoy that they provide community gathering events, or have random fun days like National Waffle day! They generally have lemon/lime water and treats for us humans, at the leasing office. As well as treats, and doggy bags, for your furry family members. A huge bonus in my eyes, is being minuets away from Little Econ Park. I enjoy living hear, how they let some of the old trees be, along with keeping the community clean, and having the residents recycle. All of the issues I have delt with this year, have been minimal, and always completed with care and professionalism. I look forward to calling Park Nine my home for the next year or so, and would highly recommend them!

Reviewed on 09/09/2018 by Rachel H.

Excellent community.

Reviewed on 09/09/2018 by Certified Resident

Wouldnt recommend anyone move here. Literally a headache!

Reviewed on 09/08/2018 by Certified Resident

Park 9 is a Good community, i really like the staff, they are very friendly and helpful.

Reviewed on 09/07/2018 by Johanna G.

The staff is super friendly. Everyone is courteous and ready to help you in anyway they can.

Reviewed on 09/06/2018 by Certified Resident

Great community if you have transportation, as public transit is a hike! Love having the doggie park. Although the buildings are older and showing age, they've been well maintained. I smile each time I look at the washer and dryer PROVIDED!!!

Reviewed on 09/04/2018 by Robert Y.

Its a nice community not far from general needs like food and school. The rooms are a nice size and the overall at atmosphere is comfortable.

Reviewed on 09/04/2018 by Certified Resident

Very nice community, tranquil, aesthetically beautiful

Reviewed on 08/26/2018 by Certified Resident

Its a very friendly community, and I always feel safe here. Ive lived here for two years and I have never regretted my decision to stay here.

Reviewed on 08/24/2018 by Certified Resident

Excellent service! Very nice people. Smooth and easy experience.

Reviewed on 08/24/2018 by Certified Resident

Great, definitely planning on staying here

Reviewed on 08/18/2018 by Certified Resident

It is very comfortable to live in park 9 I love it

Reviewed on 08/18/2018 by teresita m.

It is a nice community. My children are excited to live there.

Reviewed on 08/17/2018 by Certified Resident

I dont think you would like a review from me.

Reviewed on 08/13/2018 by Certified Resident

Great start up location for students and people looking to be on their own or roommates!

Reviewed on 08/09/2018 by Nycid V.

Really nice apartment we love the environment so far

Reviewed on 08/08/2018 by Louine C.

wonderful place

Reviewed on 08/06/2018 by Camila C.

Someone told me not to move in here and I did anyway because of location. Boy I was so wrong for not listening...

Reviewed on 08/04/2018 by David M.

A great place to live.

Reviewed on 07/29/2018 by Certified Resident

Warm and friendly community, very clean and welcoming. Close to pretty much everything for your shopping eating and entertainment needs.

Reviewed on 07/02/2018 by Certified Resident

Excelente experiencia

Reviewed on 07/02/2018 by Certified Resident

Guess parking could improve

Reviewed on 06/27/2018 by Certified Resident

Melody was amazing. Would have signed the lease if I didn’t find one that was larger

Reviewed on 06/24/2018 by Certified Resident

The representative that assisted us was very helpful and provided answers to our questions.

Reviewed on 06/11/2018 by Certified Resident

Maintenance is always there when you need them and always their to help

Reviewed on 06/05/2018 by Chareika P.

Park 9 es una Comunidad muy tranquila, La administracion es efectiva y responsable, Sus areas de espacimiento son confortables

Reviewed on 06/05/2018 by Certified Resident

Las puertas de los gabinetes de cocina y baños estaban en malas condiciones

Reviewed on 05/31/2018 by Certified Resident

Una buena experiencia ambiente tranquilo y excelente comunidad nos encanta nuestro nuevo hogar

Reviewed on 05/30/2018 by Dorali P.

It was a great tour, I cant wait to live here

Reviewed on 05/28/2018 by Certified Resident

I loved the property and Melody did a really good job showing us around and gave us plenty of helpful information about the property!

Reviewed on 05/28/2018 by Certified Resident

Bianca from the leasing office was amazing in assisting us in our lease application. Please upgrade the gym, let it open 24hours and make more visitors parking. Thank you

Reviewed on 05/25/2018 by Certified Resident

The smart leasing program is a greattttt program, helpful

Reviewed on 05/25/2018 by Certified Resident

It's a great place. Super great Office personal and Maintenance. Very comfortable! ??

Reviewed on 05/09/2018 by Harrison C.

Melody was exceptional! She gave me all the information I needed and made me want to lease. She was very thorough in her knowledge.

Reviewed on 05/09/2018 by Certified Resident

The apartments are the perfect size for college students or a small family. The office staff is wonderful! The complex is very clean. Resident parking is easy to find but visitors parking is impossible! Considering the 20+ buildings, There is porbably Less than 100 visitors spots and they are always taken.

Reviewed on 04/19/2018 by Caroline u.

I love park 9 and the girls who work in the front. Very friendly and efficient.

Reviewed on 04/10/2018 by Mikala A.

La opinión es excelente de igual manera la atención recibida. Aún estoy analizando porque los fee y los extras elevan el precio de la renta ya que no incluye prácticamente nada. Gracias por su atención y profesionalismo.

Reviewed on 04/10/2018 by Certified Resident

I love the staff very understanding patient

Reviewed on 03/27/2018 by michaline g.

Nice place to live. Quiet. Great staff. Close to everything.

Reviewed on 03/25/2018 by Jodie J.

My kids and I love Park 9. We have great neighbors and fun amenities.

Reviewed on 03/24/2018 by Jasmine T.

My family got off to a late start apartment hunting. Park 9 was last on our list and fortunately, Park 9 will be our home for the next year. Thank you for including a fitness center, playground, and pool (to mention a few); these extras in a gated community. I have already referred.3 people to come in for a tour. Thank you.

Reviewed on 03/24/2018 by Sheila B.

For as big as these apariments are very quiet.

Reviewed on 03/22/2018 by Carol H.

La experiencia aquí ha sido muy buena.

Reviewed on 03/16/2018 by Edgar V.

I am very pleased to be a part of the Park 9 community and I am very happy to call it my home.

Reviewed on 03/14/2018 by Certified Resident

We have lived here for a month now and are very impressed so far! Lots of staff working every day and they are so quick to help you any time. Community is clean and well taken care of.

Reviewed on 03/10/2018 by Certified Resident

Park 9 apartments is a quiet, safe place.

Reviewed on 03/09/2018 by Malik H.

Great community and good service.

Reviewed on 03/09/2018 by Certified Resident

Nice place, good office and maintenance staff and good location

Reviewed on 03/05/2018 by Certified Resident

The. Staff. Are. Excellent

Reviewed on 02/28/2018 by Murine F.

Staff is very helpful. I love the location I have easy access to shopping and entertainment, school is great for the children and easy access to daycare.

Reviewed on 02/22/2018 by Jacqueline S.

Good, quiet community.

Reviewed on 02/21/2018 by Certified Resident

Elissa at apartment hunters showed me this

Reviewed on 02/14/2018 by Certified Resident

Park 9 has great service both for customers and when it comes to taking care of their tenants. Macitence requests are always dealt with promptly and never take more than a few hours or even minutes to fix. The only downside is that they still haven't come up with a visitor parking log or pass. The amount of visitor parking is not satisfactory and it's an issue that should be fixed.

Reviewed on 02/10/2018 by Certified Resident

Over priced for this level of quality. For just a little more money you can get a much nicer apartment.

Reviewed on 02/09/2018 by Certified Resident

Not only is Park 9 located conveniently but the staff and living spaces are great and they seem to always look for ways to improve. Priscila R.

Reviewed on 02/07/2018 by Priscila R.

The staff was amazing she made me want to run and move in

Reviewed on 01/25/2018 by Certified Resident

If you are looking for a safe environment to live in and a quiet place along with the apartments being affordable and an awesome layout of the interior, Park 9 is the place to be! Trust Me! You Won't Regret It!

Reviewed on 01/24/2018 by Certified Resident

Had an overall good time very friendly and answered all that was asked

Reviewed on 01/21/2018 by Certified Resident

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