Customer Service Values

As part of our pursuit of our Service Vision we are committed to our Service Values and realize that achieving Customer Service Excellence depends on our ability to consistently deliver these values in every customer interaction.

Make it the Best - do things right the first time and ensure total product and service quality.

Power of Nice - be positive, smiling and willing to share a laugh.

A Step Ahead - anticipate the unspoken needs of our customer.

Just Listen - listen to every request with an open mind and always consider our customer's point of view first.

Stuff Happens - be willing to admit our mistakes in the pursuit of doing what is right.

Personalize It - look for opportunities to go above and beyond to create memorable and personalized experiences.

Clock's Ticking - respect our customer's time and respond with an exceptional sense of urgency.

A Better Way - look for better ways to make our customer's life more convenient, simple and enjoyable.

Say Thanks - continuously thank our customer for choosing Venterra.

Make a Difference - deliver WOW!

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