Acquisitions & Partners

Critical to Venterra's sustainable growth is an established network of partners who collaborate with us in the successful acquisition, management and disposition of assets in our portfolio.


Venterra focuses on purchasing multi-family properties of 1990's or later vintage, in markets that have favorable long-term demographic and economic trends. In particular, we acquire properties in these markets that can benefit most from our resident-centered focus, strong local management and the aggressive deployment of our industry-leading enterprise technology which covers all areas of operation.

Our acquisition due diligence process is structured to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Through over 60 acquisitions, the process has been honed to be thorough to ensure the financial interests of our equity/unit holders and debt providers are met. At the same time, experience has allowed us to achieve predictable, yet relatively fast closings. This allows organizations that are selling properties to Venterra to have a clear understanding of the milestones and timing and to have a high confidence level that transactions done with Venterra will close quickly.

Financial Partners

Venterra has brought together a number of partners that have not only significant financial resources but also substantial multi-family real estate experience. First, Venterra's principals have the financial resources to put their own capital into each transaction. This commitment of capital, and the associated aggressive operational management that only principal ownership can bring, provides the confidence to large financial institutions to make substantial financial commitments to our transactions in an orderly and time effective manner. The financial commitment and experience of Venterra's principals also provides the confidence to these large financial institutions to give Venterra decision-making capability in our transactions. This benefits prospective sellers of properties as they have the assurance that when they are dealing with Venterra's principals, they are dealing with the decision makers in the transaction.

Our institutional equity partners provide equity capital for many of our transactions. Their experience in the multi-family industry has been valuable to Venterra in the selection, financing and acquisition of properties. With the support of these partners, prospective vendors of properties can rest assured that when Venterra makes an offer for a property, it has the financial resources to complete the transaction.

Since mortgages underpin nearly all real estate transactions, the choice of debt partners is critical to any project's success. While the size and complexity of the deal will determine the type of debt financing we deploy - traditional or structured - Venterra Realty seeks to obtain the financing that offers the best combination of low cost and flexibility to optimize returns for our unit holders. Venterra has access to traditional mortgages, interest-only loans, floating rate financing, and structured finance products. We have successfully completed such debt transactions with leading national commercial and multi-family lenders.

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